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If you are a website owner, you should pay special attention to the Domain Authority of your website. It can contribute a lot towards the search engine rankings that you can secure on Google and other leading search engines. From this article, you will be able to enhance the knowledge and understanding you have about Domain Authority and figure out how to get the most out of it.

What exactly is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a factor that was developed by a company called Moz. Moz is one of the leading online SEO agencies out there. The SEO tool developed by Moz is being used by people in all parts of the world. According to an SEO analysis conducted by Moz, it was discovered that a website’s ability to rank on different search engines varies on a key factor. This key factor was called Domain Authority.

Domain Authority is measured on a scale, which is from 1 to 100. If your Domain Authority score is high, you will be experiencing an increased possibility to go ahead and get your website ranked on the search engines. 

You should keep in mind that the Domain Authority is not just a random parameter that Moz came up with. In fact, Moz analyzed more than 40 different factors to develop the concept called Domain Authority. They include inbound links, root domains, and many other factors contributing to the search engine rankings that a website can secure. All the new websites usually start with Domain Authority 1. That’s because they are now on the internet, and they don’t have any backlinks at all. However, when the website is getting old along with time, you can expect the Domain Authority to increase as well. 

How to calculate the Domain Authority?

Now you must have got the interest to calculate your own Domain Authority. You will be able to do it from the website of Moz. In fact, you need to access the Moz Bar extension, which is available to all Google Chrome users for free. This extension will provide you with a clear picture of the probability that your website has to rank for specific keywords and search queries. 

If you can maintain your Domain Authority above 50, you are doing well. However, it is even better to increase the overall Domain Authority to 60 or even 70. Then you have a very high chance to get your website indexed on the search engine results pages. You will be able to experience all the benefits that come along with it as well.

How to improve Domain Authority?

If your Domain Authority is not so good, you don’t need to worry about it too much. That’s because there are some effective tips available for you to follow and increase your Domain Authority. Here are some of the most effective tips that you can follow to improve the Domain Authority of your website. 

  • Take a look at your backlink profile. 

There is a direct relationship between backlinks and Domain Authority. If you can increase the number of backlinks, you will secure a higher Domain Authority with ease. This is why you will need to audit the backlink profile and determine how to leverage it accordingly to boost the Domain Authority of your website. This can provide you with the chance to end up with some amazing returns at the end of the day.

You are provided with numerous tools, which can assist with auditing the backlink profile. SEMrush backlink checker is one of the most effective tools out of them. You can also think about using the backlink auditing tool offered by Moz, which is called Moz Link Explorer. You will not just be able to determine the backlinks that you have got for the website. You can also understand the health associated with every backlink. Then you will need to spend more time and effort strengthening the overall backlink profile so that you can secure effective returns at the end of the day.

  • Come up with compelling content. 

The content you have on the website can also create a direct impact on Domain Authority. This is why you need to think about creating compelling content for the business website. The search engines will use content that you have on the website to determine your search engine placements. On the other hand, numerous other search engine metrics are associated with the content you have on the website. For example, your organic traffic, total traffic, and direct traffic that you receive are associated with the content.

Your content is capable of increasing and decreasing bounce rates as well. Therefore, you should ensure that you have the most compelling content written on the website at all times. Then you will be able to get the direct advantage offered out of it. Along with that, you can easily boost your Domain Authority as well.

  • Get high-quality backlinks 

You should try your best to get high-quality backlinks. This doesn’t mean that you should pay to build backlinks. Instead, you will need to focus more on earning high-quality backlinks. That’s because the backlinks that you earn are in a position to provide you with better returns at the end of the day. 

If you can include quality content on the website and make sure that your website is worthy, you will not come across any major struggles with earning high-quality backlinks. You will be impressed with all the backlinks that are coming on your way.

Final words

Now you have a clear understanding of Domain Authority. Keep these facts in your mind and ensure that you get the best possible Domain Authority for your website.

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