Docker Desktop is available on Linux

Docker Desktop is a helpful tool for developers who use docker for local machine development. This tool was available for other OS (Windows and Mac) but not for Linux.

Docker Desktop

Docker has recently released Docker Desktop for Linux. You can follow the instructions from the documentation to install it:

Here are the significations of this release of Docker Desktop release for Linux:

  • Developers will get the graphical interface to manage different resources and settings. Sometimes it is easier to manage settings from GUI than from the command line, especially for developers who do not have much experience with docker.
  • The same experience and tools set will be available for all operating systems and platforms.
  • Easy config for Kubernetes using Docker Desktop.
  • Access to some Docker features which were only available on Docker Desktop.
  • Manage and monitor containers, images, volumes, and resources easily using Docker Desktop on Linux.
  • Currently “deb” and “rpm” packages are available for installation on Linux.

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