Directions Enabled and Privacy Enhanced; The DuckDuck Go Updates!

DuckDuck Go has been for years allowing its users to access mapping services. According to reports, the need to create this service has been existent for years. The latest update was DuckDuck Go launching the new directions feature and promising total privacy. On 8 Oct, DuckDuck Go delivered a blog post titled “Plan Your Route Privately: DuckDuck Go Now Has Driving & Walking Directions’ announced the update. They went ahead to explain in detail how to use the update. Click the following link for more information:


Major Improvements

The only way to staying relevant in this revolving world is through making improvements. Competitors join the scene every other day creating the urge to step up and keep reinventing yourself. Seemingly, DuckDuck Go is aware of this fact and that is why they went ahead and launched the new direction and privacy updates.

This does not mean privacy was not there before. DuckDuck Go through its launch post assures their users of the existence of privacy. It’s only that this time they have tightened up things. Not a bit of your personal information including location will be traded for anything nor will be revealed to anyone. You may not be required to give out your personal information.



You’ll now get alternatives to directions that you can use to get to your location. The update gets you all the alternatives you need to get to your destination. You will get both walking and driving alternatives.

With the updates, you now have everything about you protected. Whether you do your search on a browser or search engine, you have everything about you secured. This comes as good news to those trying to protect themselves and their information. We all want to be as safe as possible and that is why these updates come as amazing news to those of us who value our privacy.


Good News to Travelers

One of the hardest things to do as a traveler is to plan for trips. It can be hectic doing all the logistics especially if it is a group thing. Well, the DuckDuck Go updates are here to change this narrative. One of the ways to do proper estimates is through knowing well your routes. DuckDuck Go gives you detailed routes and alternatives for your information. With this knowledge, you have all it takes to make decisions and choose better options for yourself.

It is cheaper to plan for routes that you know. The reverse is true. You will waste more time in the planning process if you do not know details about your destination. This also provides room for poor planning. It may inconvenience those working on tight budgets. There’s nothing as bad as going to a place with a budget only to incur more costs. You may be left stranded. DuckDuck Go has solved most of these issues for you.


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