DigitalOcean Products & Services Update April 2022

Here is the summary of all the changes released on the DigitalOcean platform, for all the products and services, in April 2022.

App Platform

  • Can now auto-detect resources for a new and existing app.
  • The default version of Python in buildpack is updated from 3.9.9 to 3.10.4.
  • Hugo buildpack updated from 0.82.0 to 0.94.2.


  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is now available in the control panel and API.
  • FreeBSD droplets will be deprecated from 1st July 2022. So droplets can not be created using FreeBSD from 1st July. Existing droplets using FreeBSD will continue to work through.

Load Balancer

  • UDP (User Datagram Protocol) support is added to the load balancer.
  • UDP support intends to make time-sensitive transmission better.


  • Kubernetes load balancer is also getting UDP support.
  • Support for Kubernetes version 1.22 is added.
  • More regions were added for the high availability control plane (in addition to the previous 4 data centers NYC1: New York, SFO3: San Francisco, AMS3: Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and SGP1: Singapore).
    • AMS3 – Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    • TOR1 – Toronto, Canada
    • BLR1 – ​​Bangalore, India
    • SFO2, SFO3 – San Francisco, United States
    • SGP1 – Singapore
    • NYC1, NYC3 – New York City, United States
    • LON1 – London, United Kingdom
    • FRA1 – Frankfurt, Germany

Managed Database

  • Managed MongoDB is now available with a dedicated CPU.

Apple Pay

  • DigitalOcean now accepts Apple Pay, so customers can pay the bill using Apple Pay.

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