What is the DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean is an outstanding cloud hosting provider intended to make out the developer’s internal facilities. They can fulfill all the website requirements for all levels of business, and it is all due to hardware characters and affordable price. The Digital ocean interface is very dynamic and provides tools for the development of the best application structures. They provide proper documentation to solve specific problems and give technical support. It has superior server quality and enables customers to make virtual mechanisms for their required projects. They make sure to get full control over the web hosting features and provide scalable blueprints for your website’s building.

Is Digital ocean good for your site?

The digital ocean was founded in 2011, and it made its place in the highest-ranking web hosting services list in 2013. Just imagine within two years, they get fame. In 2014 it paved its path to the 3rd largest web hosting service providing company. The digital ocean helps to build sites with fast deployment times. It is perfect for your website because it provides many levels of cloud-based hosting. The required level depends upon your storage capacity and bill payment. Each level has its attributes like specific disk space, core processors, transfer limit, and many more. It will certainly work for your website building and development. 

Is Digital ocean affordable for everyone in 2019?

Digital ocean’s adorable feature is the pricing; yes, you can customize everything according to your need. You have to decide how you want to customize the database, bandwidth, memory, storage, CPU usage, etc. You will get hold over everything you pay for. If you are an expert and know exactly how to manage the needs, it will go smoothly. Its basic package starts from $5 for a Memory of 1 GB, storage of 25GB, CPUs 1, and transfer of 1TB. 

Features of Digital ocean

There are many additional features for the developers:

Load Balancers

The load balancer is best to outstretch your site traffic to many other droplets. It is done to make certain that every user has optimal ordeal on your site. You do not need to pay an enormous amount for this feature. It is available in small flat hourly free. It makes you develop more reliable and durable applications on your site. 


 It enables the customers to scale up the apps in an assortment, and all the elements of Kubernetes are free on Digital ocean. It would help if you spent for the using resource of this website hosting company. Well. No one knows much about these features as the official website does not provide enough information about them. However, we can get the idea that it is good for all the businesses and developers. All those people who want an easy way to deploy and want to handle the workload. 

 Resilience and confederation

 The digital ocean has provided services to make it easy to band the teams. This is conceivable by the build-in apps of the Digital ocean. They work concurrently, but there is no need to share the credentials, and are billed on a single statement. The floating IPs enable customers to refined IP addresses.


Digital ocean backups your website data daily, and you can also restore it even after 7 days. You must look for the daily backup because it is good to backup then the data loss. 


A good website hosting company is the one that keeps the website data and traffic secure. But, most of the hosting companies do not pay attention to this issue. However, Digital ocean is working to keep your data secure from end to end. It keeps all the viruses and bad connections from your website. You can also add many other additional security features.

Pros of Digital ocean

  • Digital ocean is a fantastic hosting company that provides everything that your website needs with 99.99 percent uptime. This uptime is much higher than the uptime time of any other hosting company in the hosting market. 
  • It is the most reliable hosting company with lightning-fast load times. It is all a visitor wants. People do not wait for the sites that take much time to load and get busy. So, the fast loading time is a plus point and get more traffic to your site. 
  • The technical support of Digital ocean is excellent, and it is speedy to respond. They always resolve your issue. 
  • The Digital ocean service is very stable against any DDOS attacks, and servers are always online. They always respond on time. 
  • The digital ocean provides the droplets, which are the virtual servers. The droplets are provided based on the need of your storage. They manage these virtual servers by the local command line. 
  • They provide quick online support 24/7 hours. They are always online to provide a solution to every issue because they always keep you online. 

Cons of Digital ocean

  • The digital ocean does not provide offers for Windows servers. There are many issues with SSH access, and the website may go down. 
  • This web hosting company is somehow expansive; many other companies provide the same services even at a low price. 
  • There are many payment issues, and many people stated that they find it difficult when they pay. As their debit card is denied and they have to suffer a lot. 
  • Many of the users find it troublesome to log in. It happens many times that when they try to log in, an unknown issue happens, and they are automatically connected to the support service to fix this issue. 
  • This web hosting company lacks C Panel, and they do not provide it automatically. You have to install it by yourself. 

Digital ocean service is not that easy for all the new users, and they have to suffer a lot to understand and customize their website. 

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