Dell Fans Treated to a great experience

Dell fans were treated to an amazing experience when the tech manufacturer launched the Dell XPS 13. The launch happened three years ago but the device continues to serve the users with excellence. A recent tweet by Dell Technologies MEA on April 8 2021;  reminded Dell fans of the fantastic features the device offers. Some of the features include the extra small size of the device, responsiveness, great performance, amazing visuals, and long battery life.

Stunning Features

A deeper look into the Dell XPS 13 features, some of these features are unimaginable. For instance, the display features are out of this world. The Dolby Vision content can display images that are 40 times brighter. On top of that, you can get black visuals that are 10 times darker. Click here: for more clarity. You will get images on a 4K+ platform and explains why your eyes will be treated to very clear images close to live pictures. The display is VESA certified and this explains the extra quality you get. With every certification, you can always expect super quality.

One of the things people do to cope with a poorer display is zoom in for more clarity. Well, that only worsens the situation. This one does not punish you by forcing you to zoom in; instead, everything is clear for you to see. Every pixel counts and that is why you will see it all at a glance.

It is the details that matter. That is why you do not want to miss out on any detail just because of poor images. With this device, you will have everything clear to you. Your eyes will capture all the details you need and you won’t have to struggle.

This is one of the reasons this product is a fan’s favorite. For instance, one of Dell’s tweeps tweeted: “Asked my 18-year-old freshman to choose between a Macbook Air 13″ and a Dell Xps 13″. She gleefully chose Dell and even had explanations on why Dell is better. She is happy with it. A Computer Engineering student in the US.” 

Such is an expression of satisfaction this machine brings to homes, schools, and at work. Another amazing feature is the 1500:1 contrast. The ratio is unbelievable. This means you will see any difference there is in color. Things get displayed as they are and not as shades. You will have a view of images as they should be. The Dell XPS 13 is that good!

Stunningly Small

It is the finer details that distinguish good from the bad. The size of this laptop was perfectly cut. We’re used to bigger laptops. Therefore, we’re accustomed to larger sizes. Once you start using this smaller one, you will love it. This is one of the reasons Dell lovers are stuck with the machine. It is not just about the size, the performance is also stunning. Seemingly, everything about this machine is stunning.

One of the indicators of the great performance of a machine is speed. Faster machines are said to be better performers since they can undertake more tasks in a period. This one is that special. Dell lovers will use the machine for the longest time possible. They will enjoy the speed, performance, and contrast. When it comes to passwords, you can choose any that will work for you. That way, you can protect your data and secure your future.

Dell lovers hope the provider continues to treat them to such amazing experiences even in future releases. Meanwhile, let them enjoy the Dell XPS 13 and later releases.


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