DDOS Attack

Security breaches have made headlines during the past year than ever before. Stories about DDos attacks, security leaks and repeated admonishments from professionals have contributed a lot towards the above mentioned fact. Most of the businesses that exist out there in the world are dealing with sensitive information. As a result, they have got the need to protect information from a variety of threats. It can be considered as the main reason behind the importance of security for IT professionals. 

What are DDos attacks? 

Before we proceed, let’s have a clear understanding about the definition of DDos attacks. DDos attacks take place by targeting critical systems. In fact, they are in a position to disrupt a network connectivity or a service, which would result in denying the service offered to the users. It can be considered as a type of a malware. In fact, it can implement the processing power of multiple malware on a single system. Hence, the targeted computer has a high possibility to end up with a failure.

When it comes to DDos attacks, a botmaster is playing a major role. The botmaster will be able to attack a computer or a computer network in three different methods as well. In most of the instances, a high volume is traffic is sent to the target computer. The target computer server is not in a position to handle this traffic. Hence, it will fail to function. That’s where a DDos attack becomes successful. In such a situation, nobody else will be able to access the target computer as well.

How to prevent yourself from DDos attacks? 

The best method available for you to prevent yourself from DDos attacks is to come up with a Denial of Service Response Plan. You should be doing this along with a proper security assessment. Then you will be able to make sure that your systems are in a position to withstand DDos attacks in an effective manner. Hence, you don’t need to worry too much about the negative impact that it can create on the system.

There are multiple methods available for you to secure the network infrastructure as well. You are encouraged to take a look at that as well. For example, you need to think about combining VPN, firewalls, content filtering, anti-spam and load balancing techniques to make sure that your network is strong enough to face a DDos attack. Then all the efforts that others put in trying to attack your network via a DDos attack would be in vain. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the negative consequences that it would create in the long run.

You must never ignore the basic network security measures. Ignoring this can be considered as the main reason why most of the companies end up with DDos. You need to follow the standard security techniques and make sure that your business is never compromised. 

Role played by the web hosts to provide protection against DDoS attacks 

All the website owners are extremely concerned about the security of their websites. They need to pay special attention towards several key aspects in order to enhance the overall site security. Web hosting holds a prominent place behind them. As a result, web hosting plans come along with their own security features. 

The hosting companies take necessary measures to screen all their customers and double check their identity before activating their subscription. In addition, they hold the responsibility for monitoring all the subscribed websites in the server. If any website owner uploads malicious code to the server, steps will be taken to ban him. These strict registration procedures and policies have helped hosting companies to eliminate illegal activities that are done through the websites. 

Firewall holds a prominent place behind the security of a website. Therefore, all the hosting firms need to seek the assistance of a firewall. Firewall has the potential to provide protection to all the servers and websites that are hosted on them against being attacked by threats that come from external sources that are located outside the network. In fact, it is the firewall, which limits the access between the internal structures of the server from external entities.

IDS, which stands for Intrusion Detection System has specifically been designed for closely monitoring network policy violations, system activities and other malicious activities. It can also help the hosting company to generate reports and give them to the management. Therefore, IDS has the ability to enhance the level of security and help the hosting company to get a better idea about the number of incoming attack vectors before the damage can happen. 

Ddos attacks have received much attention and the hosting companies have taken several measures to prevent them. The main objective of a Ddos attack is to make a website unavailable to the users. It is done by sending a lot of traffic towards a specific website from many different sources. The hosting companies have a better understanding about the frequency and nature of Ddos attacks. Therefore, customers will be able to experience Ddos protection and keep their websites up and running without any hassle. 

SSL data files can simply be defined as the small data files that contain cryptographic digital key details that belong to a specific organization. When the SSL certificate is installed on a specific web server, it will be activated over 443 port. Then the website will be able to communicate with the browser in a secure manner. SSL security is extremely important for the website owners who are concerned about secure logins and credit card transactions. They are being used in modern world social media networks as well. Therefore, a large number of web hosting companies offer SSL certificates for their clients at a very low price. It is up to you to pay attention towards these security features before you obtain the service of a specific web hosting company. 

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