Dangers Of Using Pirated Software For Your Business

The lesser the expenses the higher the profits. Companies are therefore doing all they can to minimize costs for profitability. Some of the decisions made include using free softwares to curb costs. Most free softwares are pirated. Using these programs have advantages and disadvantages. Seemingly, the disadvantages outweigh the pros. Below are some of the dangers.

  • Exposure to malware

Think twice before installing that pirated software! The reason is simple. These softwares exposes you to viruses you may not be aware of. These viruses can be so lethal that they may lead to loss of data or increased latency to your systems. In the worst case scenario, your systems could stop running totally.

What happens when you have system issues because of a pirated software? You need to get the machines repaired otherwise you will lose business. This is done at a cost. Therefore, the software that costed cheap to acquire is proving expensive to repair and maintain. This will go on for a long time until you change into an original software.

  • Legal issues

It is both illegal and unethical to use pirated software. The law does not take this vice kindly. Be sure to pay heavy fines and penalties if found guilty of using pirated software. It is expensive and harmful to your business name.

  • No support

In my working years, I have never experienced a perfect software. I have worked with Kranium, Care2000, V-Tiger and many more softwares. Believe you me all these softwares had shortcomings. Whenever there were issues, it was as easy as calling the support team and everything would be sorted. When it comes to pirated software, you are on your own. There is no support for you. In case of technical issues, you’ll have to sort yourself out.

What happens when you’re dealing with a client then the system misbehaves? What will you do without a support system? The only option will be to give the system time to behave again. But, how long will that take? Are you sure your customer will be willing to wait for an amount of time not even you are sure about? That may mean loss of business.

  • Reputation

Serious brands know what reputation means. That is why they would do anything earthly possible to protect their brand name. It is rare to find a competitive brand using pirated softwares for obvious reasons. It may lead to a bad reputation translating to losses.

Using pirated software will cost your reputation. Some clients consume your products because of your reputation. The moment word spreads of your use of pirated software, you can be sure to lose these clients. It is therefore important to consider this before choosing to operate on pirated software. Being an illegal practice, court cases will surely come up. This is normally accompanied by publicity. Well, the only publicity you expect out of this is negative publicity. A massive client walk away will follow.

  • Data loss

In the current world, information is power. The big data saved up in your system is your strength. The more information you save the stronger you become. Now, imagine losing this data. You lose power with loss of information. Pirated softwares will easily expose you to loss of data. Besides, you risk exposing crucial information to competitors. This puts your business at a disadvantage. Pirated softwares mostly have poor security mechanisms. Therefore, by agreeing to use the softwares, you are simply signing up for a disaster. 

  • Non-compliance liability

It is the sole role of management and the IT department to ensure compliance is fully met. Using pirated software is a non-compliance issue which surely leads to problems with the regulators. As a consequence, the management will be liable. Individuals using the software too will be liable and risk facing a jail term. Yes, it is that serious.

  • Inaccurate output- massive losses

Softwares are used to increase efficiency. This means the organization saves time and money. It also lessens the turnaround time per client as service is delivered and this improves client experience. With every encounter, you can save time. Now, with pirated software, you risk getting inaccurate outputs as accurate as the input may be. You do not know how bad the software has been compromised. Therefore, the results of processes from these softwares cannot be trusted.

This can be tragic. Imagine using a pirated software to design a residential building. What happens if the software is compromised? An inaccurate output may lead to loss of lives. Using the design of this pirated software, a house will be constructed. Later on this building may even collapse leading to loss of lives. That is why you cannot afford risk use pirated softwares. You just don’t know the extent to which the harm may go.

  • Theft

Think about the legitimate software developer. How do you think these people make their money? It is through sales and rightful downloads of their softwares. Pirating a software robs a developer his/her rightful dues. If this developer decides to take you to court, then I’m afraid you will face tough legal consequences. It is also inhuman and unethical. Think about the hours sacrificed for such a software to come up. I’m not referring to the pirated version but the original one. It takes time, effort and sacrifice. It also costs money. By agreeing to use pirated programs you are simply dismissing the developer’s hard work and dedication.


Pirated softwares are always readily available and cheap to acquire. In most countries, the vendors of these pirated programs have mastered the skill of deceit. These people convince even the biggest of organizations to buy their pirated products. The sad news is, by so doing they deny legitimate developers recognition of their efforts and reward for their sweat through legal downloads. For users of these softwares, you risk facing legal action for this is illegal or have massive system breakdown, latencies and losses.

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