Best Compass Apps for Android

A compass is a wonderful instrument that has been in use for as long as humanity started exploring new lands. The need for compasses has been reduced in recent times due to technology like GPS. However, the compass is still an essential tool for navigation and, as such, is still used very much today. A compass can be used to navigate through terrain that isn’t covered by GPS systems or pinpoint locations on a physical map. 

Whatever your reasons, you may need a compass in life at one point or the other. Luckily for us, with just our mobile phones and a good sense of direction, you can navigate as easily as you would with a real compass. Using any of the apps in this article, you can get all the goodness of your average compass right on your android device. 

Compass 360 Pro

Compass 360 Pro is a great compass app that can come in handy during most outdoor events like traveling, doing a picnic, camping, hiking, rowing, etc. Compass 360 pro gives accurate readings all over the world. However, compass 360 pro relies on your android’s magnetic sensor and will not work if this part is absent from your phone. Luckily, virtually every android device has a magnetic sensor in it so you probably won’t have to worry about.

Compass Map

Compass Map borders on the more technical side of compass readings and, as such, is perfect for both professionals and amateurs who are outdoor and extreme sports enthusiasts. It comes with a built-in magnetic sensor that gives you very accurate navigation; at the same time, you will be orientated very easily. With this app, your navigation and orientation become a lot faster. It readily shows you the difference between magnetic and true North with the automated system of the app. 

GPS Compass Navigator

Another great compass app to aid you while traveling, hiking, or anywhere you need navigation. GPS Compass Navigation is a concise app with a wide range of functions that will make your navigation very easy and comfortable. It also has a GPS navigation system that will come in handy when traveling. GPS Compass Navigation has an integrated voice navigation system, which makes this app especially useful on those longer journeys where you can’t always glance at your device during the drive/trek. 


It’s no surprise that an app with a name like this would be on this list. Compass gives you accurate direction, location, and navigation. It is a perfect substitute for an actual compass because this app’s interface is quite similar to an actual compass. With the aid of your devices’ magnetic sensor, this app gives you all the various functions you need for navigation. The app also provides a mini-map that will help you orientate yourself very quickly with the surroundings.

Compass Galaxy

Compass galaxy a simple but handy app for navigation. It saved the lives of three hikers in Scotland by becoming an alternative when they lost their manual compass. With a story like this backing this app, it’s no surprise that I included it here. Compass Galaxy has a simple and straight forward interface with a straightforward method of calibration. This app can serve virtually any purpose and can be used on hiking, boating and camping trips. While simple, the Compass galaxy has a beautiful graphics choice and is easily one of the best-looking compass apps.

LED Compass

This app is a great navigation tool for getting around bumpy terrains or finding your way back home when on a trip. It effortlessly lets you find your direction and position, and it is straightforward to use, calibrate, and gives you highly accurate readings. It gives you options to do more than just find your location; with this app, you can set your furniture and other things that you need to make perfectly parallel to the ground.

Compass Steel

Compass Steel is no doubt one of the best compass apps for android in both function and design. It looks and works flawlessly. Compass steel is great because it contains no ads and gives very accurate readings. Compass Steel is great for navigating, and it also tells you the position of the sun and the moon.

Best Compass

Best Compass is yet another great compass app to help you navigate with your mobile device. You can never go wrong with this app guiding you and showing you the cardinal points about your location. The best compass comes with a few extra functions, like showing you your azimuth and angle about your surroundings. With this app, you can find your location and target with proper geographical directions.

Digital Compass

With a simple and easy to handle layout, Digital compass gives you all you need in a compass app. I lets you easily switch between magnetic and true north and as such you always have an idea of your location. By turning on the GPS function of your device, you can always be abreast of your location. It also lets you switch between a map and compass view very quickly. 

Smart Compass

Smart Compass has access to Google maps and, as such, is a handy app for navigation. It tells you all the cardinal points(like a regular compass) and gives you the azimuth and angle of your location. Any traveler worth his salt should be able to get abreast with the functions of this app. Being battery efficient and having nice graphics and great aesthetic design gives this app its spot on this list.

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