Coming Soon: New AirPods to be Launched Very Soon

According to reports from sources close to the Airpod’s production team, plans are underway to deliver new Airpods with advanced features. There will be massive improvements in the Airpods to be launched. However, some features like the noise cancellation which was held by the previous versions will be missed. This may be because of the size and nature of the new Airpods.

Timing is a crucial factor in business. The decision to launch the product in 2021 may be a business strategy although the source of the leaked planned launch reports did not specify why the parent company chose to launch the product in 2021.
Other sources claim the reason this launch was delayed is due to some production issues found out during the testing stage. Apparently, the headband was not loose enough to allow for production. This may have been caused by the idea to add more features to the product. If the product was to be launched as it is, clients would be very uncomfortable using them. The additional features increased the tension on the headband and this tightness forced the project managers to make the hard decisions not to proceed to the next production level.

Design Changes
According to the reports from those close to the company, design changes may also have influenced the decision to delay the production of these AirPods. It was noted that some features would affect the functionality of the Airpods. Others were conflicting with the plan to reduce the size of the product. Besides, removal of features held by previous versions of AirPod meant the new product will lose its identity.
The idea to take the product for redesigning will give the developers sufficient time to give AirPod a new look while maintaining its originality. With new features, the new AirPod will be more competitive and this means increased sales for the manufacturer. But, that will be impossible to achieve if the production is hastened without thinking about the quality.
There have been several complains about the battery life of AirPods. Well, some users accuse Apple of making products with poor battery lives to compel the user into upgrading their products whenever there is a new launch. This may be sad but makes business sense as others opine. Whether the allegation is true or false, the truth of the matter is Apple needs to improve the batteries of their AirPods. Time will tell whether they will do it or not. If they do, perhaps they will have more users come on board and beating off competitors.

Mixed Reactions
The delay in release of the new AirPods was received with mixed feelings by lovers of the product. In regards to the reason given by the anonymous source close to Apple, one AirPod lover was happy that Apple considered users’ comfort and thus stopped the production of the uncomfortable Airpods. Others weren’t happy considering some features will be dropped. On the other hand, the news had no impact to some as they weren’t die-hard fans of AirPods.

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