Cognizant Launches a Google Business Group

Sanjiv Gossain recently announced the new Google Business group. He, the head of Cognizant Google Cloud Business Group, made some interesting remarks during the launch. Mr. Gossain mentioned three important things the group will focus on. They include joint goals, new targets, and life-changing investments. This means better results and a motivated team. The group will therefore reach higher heights and accomplish better things. As he made the announcement, you could feel the motivation behind this group’s formation. How far the team will go is subject to time and its existence. We will wait and see.

The Goal

This business unit was created for a reason. First of all, the group has 1500+ Google engineers. These experts and more others are certified, and that asserts their credentials and positions in the field. This is a reminder that this group is no joke. The mission is to provide sustainable solutions, and that is what everybody should expect. As time goes by, people realize the need to modernize their cloud space. The main objective of this group is to assist these clients in achieving their cloud modernization goal. This is done with efficiency and speed thanks to this pool of certified engineers with years of experience in the business.

It is not all about hard skills. Mr. Gossain also talked about some soft skills, including dedication and the hard world. This is the perfect mix for a team that is willing and ready to move forward. That is why clients can be sure they’ll be served with efficiency and great understanding.

As it stands now, google cloud ranks third in the list of leading cloud computing service providers. Even at such an influential position, this provider does not stop there. Google Cloud continues to sign partnerships that will see their clients get better services. But how will they achieve this? What objectives will work for them to see them deliver better?

Solution driven

One of the plans is to provide a platform that will push their clients to rethink how they conduct their businesses. Business processes determine the level of efficiency in an organization. This translates to output which directly affects the company’s income and growth. When greatness meets greatness, a lot of great things happen. For instance, Google cloud’s partnership with Cognizant is a case of greatness meeting greatness.

At the moment, Cognizant offers professional services in data analytics. They also are specialists in modernization and global deployments. These are services in need and will surely change the fortunes of clients relying on them. According to the research done by the two partnering companies, you need advanced software to grow further as well as hardware. Most organizations may be using old-school tech hardware yet trying to apply modern and the latest software. Well, it doesn’t always end well. Others have the latest hardware but older versions of software.

The above are some of the targets Cognizant and google cloud are looking after. They will help them modernize and improve their processes through this newly formed group.

Where opportunities lie

The two teams joining hands have seen the need to change the fortunes of their clients. As such, they had to search keenly to ensure they see where opportunities are. They found them, and it is good news for the regions mentioned to have great opportunities with them. Europe and North America are some of the most promising areas. These organizations will therefore be focusing more on these areas to ensure they hit their full potential. Areas like Africa were found to have lesser potential, but that may change with time. Time will tell how much greatness this new partnership will bring.


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