We will live in a security-scarce society today. that is why we all work hard to protect ourselves from security threats. One technology one can use to protect themselves is the cipher board. Cipher board is also popularly referred to as a safe keyboard. The board works to protect your typing pad from security threats. This is for both iOS and Android devices. The fine technology gives two parties a safe platform to share digital assets safely without fear of hijacking and/or interruption. With a cipher board, you can send your digital property on any application with zero fear as the guarantee of security is established already.

How It Works

Before committing to using this platform, it is also critical to understand how it works. You’ve probably seen this message: Messages on this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption. Tap for more information. Well, this is always displayed with most (if not all) chats on WhatsApp messages. The message is a reminder to the user that his/her message is secured and so they can be at peace when sharing WhatsApp messages.

For the same, encryption is used to secure the users from leaking their private communication. Once the encryption is lifted, then the users lose privacy instantly. That can be catastrophic sometimes. Now, the two users at both ends of the communication are covered under the encryption. This is the same concept the cipher board applies.

There’s a connection between two nodes at each end covered under the encryption-decryption connection. When one sends his/her communication or digitals assets through the connection, it is encrypted from the sender’s side. Thus, the sent item or message travels through the channel while coded to the recipient.

Once it gets to the destination, only the intended receiver’s device has a decrypting key. The message or assets are decrypted and received in a human-understandable code. At the sender’s or recipient’s end, the message or asset is very safe. In between the connection, the risk of being tapped into or diverted is high. That is why encryption is critical. It protects the assets or communication until it gets to the intended recipient safely. At the destination, the recipient node receives the sent ‘parcel’, opens, and transmits to the receiver.

The encryption concept is very safe and secure. It can be trusted and has several uses as below.


Secure conversation

The world of communication is changing by the day. As time passes by, we are required to communicate more with our devices. Unfortunately, that means exposing oneself to the leaking of information and other challenges. Well, the rate at which critical information is tapped online and exposes is alarming. With a cipher board, you are sure your information is safe and won’t be interfered with. The last thing you want to see is your private messages floating online. It could even cost you your job, friends, or family.


Secure transfer of digital assets

I remember just the other day dealing with a cryptocurrency start-up. Well, the biggest challenge was getting the coin adopted. Why would it be a challenge? Someone would think out loud. Well, security was a major concern. Most people were scared of buying crypto, not because of the risks associated with trading cryptocurrency but the security.

So, they would wonder how safe their money is while in digital form. What if I lose my money while transferring to a friend or family, someone would ask? Well, with cipher board, such situations are avoidable. The platform protects even your digital assets, and so you do not have to worry about losing your assets.


The cipher board does not work in isolation. Every other day, news users sign up to platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and many others. Besides, we get more and more Cryptocurrency traders to sign up on various exchanges looking for ways to make more money. Some would do anything to get this done. And that is why you need to get your platforms encrypted. The cipher board makes this easy as it has partnered with some of the leading platforms to ensure the encryption is easy and smooth all the time.

The platform offers support to hundreds of digital assets. Some of the most popular, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, EURT, JPY, and Lite coin, are all supported. Perhaps your favorite digital asset is also on the list. With proper research, you could find out if your digital asset is supported by this wonderful digital Securicor.

It is not always about money or social media. Sometimes, it is about love! Imagine finding your private messages trying to sweet-talk the potential love of your life online. It can be demoralizing. Well, the Cipher board allows your love life remains your secret and that of your loved one. If you use Tinder, then you are safe as the platform is integrated with a cipher board.

Ease of Use

User-friendliness is one of the reasons some platforms become more successful than others faster. The cipher board is so easy to use. You do not have to sign up or keep logging in every time you needed your transfers done safely. Once the cipher board is running, that’s it – you will be secured for as long it is operational. Your transactions will stay safe, as well as communication. This will give you peace of mind, and you will always be calm knowing your digital assets are safe.


Think about the many secret messages that have been leaked severally. Well, it can even give you a scare. If messages can be tapped into and get exposed, what would happen to your digital assets. The thought of it can make you run mad. But, it would help if you worried no more because the cipher board gets rid of all that. One, it provides end-to-end encryption to both your communication and/or digital asset transfers. That way, your messages, and digital property are safe, and worry is gone too. What a save!    

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