ChatGPT costs $20/month for Plus Subscription

OpenAI has introduced a new plan for ChatGPT. This will be a Plus package subscription and will contain some additional benefits over the usual ChatGPT.

The free plan will still be available.

The Plus Subscription will cost $20/month. Right now it is launching for users in the United States and will be available in other countries later.

Benefits of this subscription include:

  • All features of existing ChatGPT.
  • Priority access all the time, including the pick usage times.
  • Faster response time of the result.
  • Access to new features before its available to free users.

Check the following Twitter feed:

ChatGPT gained huge popularity after its launch. As a huge number of people have already used it, so many of them will subscribe to the Plus plan.

Though the pricing seems reasonable, people still have mixed feeling about the pricing and usage of the Plus subscription. Check the discussion of Hacker News –

Details of Plus Subscription can be found on the OpenAI blog –

You can join the waitlist using the link –

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