Bridge Oracle Now Live on Binance Smart Chain

The announcement that bridge oracle is now on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is good news to crypto lovers. As the world works hard to cripple crypto, there’s a group having sleepless nights to make things work. This is part of the group and this is a great leap forward. The tweet by Bridge Oracle made on April 9 2021 made crypto enthusiasts happy. The big move will now allow users of the partnership to create real-world connected Dapps and DAOs. The payments can be made by BNB- the popular Binance coin.

One Bridge Oracle tweep tweeted,

I like buying crypto based on its volume of course and if the coin has a strong signal for me that they’re undervalued, as long they have a healthy community and ecosystem…

$BRG at 26 cents can be a good buy, not crazy but slowly accumulating.

Hope to see it on 

@XLiteWallet ‘Fire’.

Norma Lawton @NormaLawton8, the owner of the above tweet expressed her interest in crypto is based on volume and the community, implying this move might work for Bridge Oracle, Binance, and all the cryptos that will use the opportunity. As a result, there will be an increase in the community size and that will lead to an influx of more members like her.

How to benefit from the move

Crypto enthusiasts understand how cryptocurrency works. Those who don’t but are considered early adopters can understand if explained to. However, there’s a group that will take time to grasp the blockchain concept. For those, it would only take a real-life project if the idea for them to understand. That is why this opportunity is an important one. It will give developers a chance to make decentralized apps with real-life solutions.

The real-world Dapps will make it easier to liquidate cryptocurrency. As a result, there’s a likelihood we will have more people jump into the blockchain bandwagon. The coins using this will benefit as their value will rise as well as their community grows. Furthermore, their coins will be more liquid. At the moment, Bitcoin is the most liquid cryptocurrency. Others following closely are Ethereum and Litecoin.

In fact, some third-generation cryptos require you to purchase the likes of Ethers before acquiring them. This shows you how liquid Ethereum and Bitcoin are.

The Dapp Value Gain

According to, Dapp is open-source owing to its transparency. What does this mean? It simply implies that everyone can have a look at the code used to make the decentralized application. Note that Dapps have three common characteristics with no particular definition. The aforementioned is the first characteristic of a Dapp. This means the Bridge Oracle link with BSC will allow everyone to view the codes users will apply to make their real-world applications.

One may argue that this will limit the user’s ability to generate income from the services offered by the platform. Well, that’s not true. This brings us to the second characteristic of a Dapp. Users are allocated scarce resources. Money has value because it is scarce. Those that owned most of it will have their value increase the more others own little bits of it. And that’s how those owning the scarce tokens gain value.

Let’s wait and see the first to take up this opportunity to make real-world Dapps that will solve real-world problems. The only challenge with crypto is building a community. This hurdle can be bypassed if only coins have real-world apps that solve real-world problems. This is an opportunity to make it rain!


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