What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is one of the best hosting websites. This web hosting company is founded by Danny Ashworth and Matt Heaton in Provo. Web hosting is one of the most popular companies, and the credit goes to the combined hard work of a staff of 750 people who are responsible and dedicated to their work.

Bluehost Overview

Bluehost is not only the cheapest hosting company but also an excellent one. It has both noticeable features, the average load time and uptime. When people think of choosing a hosting company for their website, they try to choose the one that can give them maximum bandwidth and time to remain online. The improved security and the maximum number of email accounts is also the first choice. It is the most popular name of the web hosting space and the most preferred web hosting company on the earth.

Why use Bluehost?

Bluehost gives good uptime in testing and very easy to interface. It helps to create an appealing and functional web page for your brand or business. If you are thinking of using cloud services for your business page, it may not work. You can no doubt communicate with your customers via any social media platform like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. You can create a page, and there you go. The social media pages work for the business, which is at the small level, or the founders who are not serious about their business. If you are not one of them and are conscious about your business, you must sign up for the popular web hosting services.

Well, you are interested? I’ll recommend you to sign up for the top-notch web hosting company Bluehost. It is a PC Mag Business Choice Winner web hosting company. It handles your business quickly. It balances the features of the product and also the price of the brand. It facilitates the customer with several appealing options for the best administration hold. The most important thing is the affordability of the company as it provides different price plans. You can select the best plan for you. The web hosting company offers free 1 year hosting to the new customers. You can get your domain free of cost for the first year. They have added many more things, like marketing credits and email accounts options.

Bluehost provides more ease to the new customers, as user-friendliness options are the most beneficial for all newcomers. If you are the one, you can find more help from the dashboard where the overall customer experience will help to work without any problem. They also provide hosting options, including dedicated web hosting, shared web hosting, VPS web hosting, Cloud web hosting, WordPress hosting, and virtual web hosting. They also provide 24/7 customer care services. Now let me tell you about the pros and cons.

Pros of Bluehost

Appealing Uptime

It has the best uptime, which is 99.94%. This is good for your website. The downtime can be bad for your website. Your website will be useless without the maximum online time. The good uptime keeps your customers happy and satisfied. The conversion rate does not disappoint visitors.

Good Load speed

The most important thing is the load speed of this web hosting site, 406ms. This a good score. The good load speed is the second option for the success of your brand or business. It is the 4th fastest website.


The most concerning feature for all the website holders is the normal pricing. Well, Bluehost provides the lowest introductory price, and it is just 3.95$ per month. This is a pretty normal and good deal for all the customers. This is a good amount that provides you unmetered bandwidth, 50 GB SSD storage, and a free SSL certificate with many more options.

Security plans

Although it is the cheapest web hosting company, yet it provides good security options. It gives the full domain security and does not skimp on any delicate feature. It keeps your sensitive information secure. The site lock option keeps it secure from the attack of malware. Codegaurd helps you to back up the daily data.

Other feature

  • Bluehost provides a lot of integrations, eCommerce features, and apps.
  • Very easy to use for the newcomers.
  • Money-back Guarantee.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Best tutorials to best understand the working.

Cons of Bluehost

  1. No automatic backup. This is the serious issue you have to set up the plan to back up your data daily; if you think you can find your data after a month or 30 days, I suppose you might be wrong because it is overwritten after 30 days.
  2. You cannot get windows hosting. However, Linux can be another option for windows.
  3. You may see many up-selling offers, and these are not real. They offer up-selling designs to attract customers. The pop-ups force the users to buy more from them.
  4. The renewal rates are a little bit expensive. They give a meager starting price, but the renewal price is a burden. This is unfair. This is misleading.
  5. The site migration is not free of cost. If you plan to change your host and migrate the website, they do not do it for free.
  6. The load time can be slow. They are not fast all the time. So, you may have a problem with loading the sites.
  7. There is no uptime guarantee. Yes, it is true. But, they can fix the uptime issue in just about 15 minutes.

Final verdict

Everything has some good points and bad points. In the same manner, Bluehost is a good web hosting site according to some points, and there are exceptions too. You may face some problems. If you are serious about your business and want to rank your brand, you must search for all the available hosting companies and select the best one.

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