Bitdefender is one of the best antiviruses for windows that found 99 percent of all viruses, malware, and spyware threats and gives the perfect result to the protection testes. It is quite reliable, useful and accurate antivirus. It even can block and recover from ransomware. The most important of all it does not slow down the performance of your system during scanning. The scanning speed is quite bearable and reasonable. Bitdefender always gives unbeatable threat detection and protection. It gives protection by forming the Multi-layer ransomware protection. The advanced security packages are also available for better protection.

Is Bitdefender really useful?

Bitdefender has been one of the best antiviruses and it has paved its path to the sky of success by adding a lot of features in recent years. It withstood all the lab performance tests and proved perfection by clearing all the threats. It has seen that many other antivirus tools slowdowns the performance of the system but Bitdefender proved that it is perfect. The features like different scanning options, easy to use, good support, free trials, and affordability are beyond perfection and every user want all of them in their antivirus tool. Moreover, it provides parental control to users so they can keep an eye on every browsing search and can block different websites too. It has different plans for all the customers so they can choose any one of all according to their budget. 

As far as the algorithms are concerned’ the are strong enough to protect your sensitive and important information from the malware attack. In simple words, it is the fastest antivirus in the world  

How to setup and install Bitdefender?

  1. First of all, create a free Bitdefender account by giving your email address. After that download Bitdefender setup. The setup is of 10MB and waits for a while.
  2. After downloading, install the file in your computer storage. 
  3. The configuration just needs 3 minutes and here you go with the Bitdefender antivirus.
  4. Now scan your PC and check the result.

Features of Bitdefender

Protection score

Bitdefender provides real-time virus protection. In a lab test Bitdefender removed about 99 percent of threats and McAfee was the only one to score 100 percent in this competition. Even in SE Labs test Bitdefender scored total 96 and got the position no 7 among 13 products. So, it is a nearly perfect tool.

Scanning options

It has the features for the scanning of USB, system, and files. It also provides manual virus scanning. You can also enjoy automatic virus scanning of the system by scheduling it. It also helps in registry startup scanning. Quick scan works by scanning the system in just a few minutes. The quick scan for files just takes 7 to 8 seconds. The full scan of the computer takes about one hour to one and half hour. But, the speed of scanning depends upon how frequent you scan your computer. The more you scan your computer or system the less time it takes to scan every next time. It not only scans the system or files but also checks any connected device through the USB port. It also checks the DVD or CD. It instantly checks them by a quick scan.


  • Bitdefender protects your device from all type of threats including malware, spyware, Trojan, rootkit, worm, phishing, spam, and ransomware, etc. But it lacks adware protection. Malware protection is the strongest point of all threats and Bitdefender knows how to cope with it. If any of the threat is present in the file, Bitdefender instantly takes action and they compare the data of file with the database memory. Does it also continue to check if the file is harming the device? The altered code is checked by the software and Bitdefender company continuously update the computer of the user constantly.
  • It also works effectively against ransomware which is also the threats for your device. Bitdefender blocks the access of any threating URL to your device and then the software detects the threat.
  • Bitdefender also works effectively against phishing. It blocks many websites but not all. Overall performance of Bitdefender against phishing is best.


It works for all type of devices like Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, etc. Bitdefender is light for the system and the fastest one. It popular for the property to take very low space of RAM. It does not stress your device and you feel like your software is not running in the background. As far as the CPU concerned it does not heat your CPU. The overall system impact is the slow rate of only 8 percent to 10 percent. This is a strong point of software because some software can give 50 percent of the negative system impact.

VPN security

It also provides VPN service and personal firewall.  The Privacy mode is best for protecting your passwords and other bank info too. It provides unlimited traffic.

Free Trial

You can also enjoy a free trial of Bitdefender which a real generous option.

Other options

Bitdefender also has a parental control feature and game mode. It provides safe browsing and phone, ticket and email support. You can also seek for live help.

Features package plans

Bitdefender is available in different features packages plans like

  • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus
  • Bitdefender Internet Security
  • Bitdefender Total Security
  • Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac
  • Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android
  • IOs package
  • Bitdefender Family pack
  • Bitdefender Box 2
  • Premium VPN


Customer support

If you face any potential problem, you can seek help from Bitdefender panel. You can visit their website for better help. You can find many articles relevant to the problems and they quickly explain each problem. They provide articles in simple English. The user forum is the best feature where hundreds of users are present and many new users join each day. If you pay for the Bitdefender software you can get help from 24/7 by the help of emails, live chats, and telephone calls. The customer support is really quick and they instantly provide the help in a few minutes and answer your all questions. And to buy Bitdefender go to their site or you can buy it from Bitdefender Total Security

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