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All the Indians take their food seriously. The most important time for the gathering of the whole family is Mealtime. In various Indian homes, foods are made from scratch with fresh ingredients. The Western part of India is mostly vegetarian. The taste of one part of India’s foods may be totally different from the taste of the people of the other part of India. Indian cuisine is famous around the world for spicy and sour tastes. 

With its tangy and spicy flavor, Indian food is the most favorite with diners around the world. Best Indian food bloggers bring authentic cookery home while showing how easy it is to create wonderful flavors to torture your taste buds. All the food bloggers are the best people globally because they teach us never to give up spicy and tasty food. 

They give us all the reasons to love food again and again fully. Indian recipes have been the best recipes of foods all over the world due to their taste. Because their recipes are totally based on the ingredients that are used in the recipes. So, if you are also a fan of Indian food and searching for a website to get all the food recipes, you are in the right place. In this article, I will tell you about all the top websites for Indian food recipes.  Here is the list of the top websites for Indian food recipes.  

Sailu’s food

This is one of the best websites for Indian food recipes. On this website, you’ll find recipes for everyday enjoyment of complex recipes for special occasions. Sailu’s food is a beautifully photographed blog. This website has a section for Ayurvedic foods. Many staples along with fresh ingredients reign supreme here and, of course, and of course, plenty of Indian spices.  On this website, you will find a lot of unique international food recipes. These international food recipes mingle with contemporary and traditional flavors. If you are really looking for amazing and tasty Indian desserts to complete your list of meals, you’ll find here lots of inspiration.  

This website’s most praiseworthy and unique feature is that this food blog consists of recipes that are too easy to make. You can make all these recipes daily, such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  To make all these recipes, you don’t have to wait for a holiday to try out all these recipes. The majority of sailor’s kitchen recipes are extremely healthy recipes made from fresh ingredients. 

Veg Recipes of India

On this website, you’ll find an entire library of recipes for Indian street food. A specialty at Veg recipes of India is Restaurant-style foods. This website is famous for its collection of vegetarian as well as vegan baking recipes.  A lot of traditional recipes of India are presented on this blog. Amazing collection of recipes for many festivals of India such as the Shri Rama Navami festival, Ugadi festival, and the most entertaining festival Holi is just a few of the blog’s many fantastic features that are not to be missed at these moments. Veg Recipes of India show off experimental ideas with great results. 

The blog contains outclass recipes that not only consist of creative and innovative recipes but also mouth-watering ones. The blogger uses healthy supplements for traditional recipes. And her blog is famous for her original recipes, which have an original and spicy taste. 

The Spruce

This outstanding blog offers us an entire section brimming with fantastic recipes. All these recipes are offered for classics ranging from Palak Paneer to Aloo Matar and beyond. You can easily make all the recipes on this website.  On this website, it is convenient to find exactly what you are looking for. This website has all the original food recipes. I think this website is made to inspire everyone to cook. 

Padhu’s kitchen

Padhu’s kitchen mainly focuses on vegetarian cooking and baking. This blog is known for its day to day simple and easy recipes. It is famous for its original recipes. Here is a good collection of Indian recipes. All these recipes can be cooked without any strain. The best part of this site is that all the recipes are so simple that a beginner can also cook in it. The blog is not only simple but also understandable. Only those recipes are published, which are tried and tested several times. Due to easy and simple recipes, this blog is frequently visited by beginners. To say the least, this is a wonderful blog. Approximately 700 recipes are utilized on this blog. This feature makes it outstanding and impressive. 

Rak’s kitchen

This amazing blog is ancient as compared to its counterparts. Because it has been running for 7 years. The owner of this website gradually turned into an amazing chef. This blog has a vast collection of recipes. The blog deals with veteran recipes. And the baking on this site is egg-less. The site specially offers almost all recipes of South India and North India. The blog consists of pictures along with the recipes.  And it provides instructions for assistance.

Sanjeev Kapoor

Sanjeev Kapoor is the most famous cooking expert in India. I think no person does not know him. After all, he is the best Indian chef and owner of the popular food channel FOOD FOOD. He also owns a restaurant. It is one of the best and fresh Indian food recipes blog. It is a fantastic blog with videos, recipes, and many more. It features a lot of ideas for main courses and snacks. This website shares a lot of recipes from the various cuisines of the world. You can get to know about Indian cooking with the help of cooking videos and articles. So, you can get the tastes of different cultures at one stop. Apart from food recipes, one can get information about his restaurant.


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