Best Video Players for Windows

Human nature is the name of alternations. We all know that we usually get bored with the same routine or lifestyle. So, we tend to have breaks constantly. During these breaks, we do many different things in our spare time to entertain ourselves. Because breaks or leisure time is made for entertaining ourselves, the activity that is mostly used in spare time is watching videos. These videos may be songs, movies, cartoons, and sports. This is a modern era, and TV is considered vintage, courtesy of computers. Window screens are preferred to watch the videos and enjoy your spare time. 

You have to install a top-quality media player on window screens that should not cause any problem for you. There are tons of media players that are available for us. But I have presented a list of the best video player apps with their details for you. Your tension about the best media player app has forced me to do my best. The list is given below.

VLC media player

VLC is still maintaining its top position in the list of the best video player apps. It is well-known due to its many features. It is available for all famous platforms. It can be easily tweaked to boost performance. It is completely free of cost. It is an open-source software tool. It is the best option for playing a video of every type, and due to this reason, it has earned the title “play everything” video player. It is popular because of its fast and simple nature that does not involve any painstaking steps.   

The property that makes it well-known is “All in one solution.” It can play devices, webcams, CDs, and many other files. It also has subtitles synchronous. It offers you different customization options that will help you to improve your experience of viewing the video. These options also change the look of the player. To fetch videos from popular sites such as YouTube, this app is used frequently. In short, you can say that it is a streaming media player. 


 PotPlayer app is available free for all Windows users. This app is developed by a South Korean company which is named Kaka. This app has offered a range of customization options. This option enables you to personalize the software. It is considered the second-best option for watching videos. When this app is compared with VLC, it might be less popular, but it supports more file types. It can be said that it is the greatest player for MP4/FLV/AVI files, which are very common. 

In this app, the option of choosing sound cards, bookmarking your favorite scenes, etc., are available for you. This app comes with built-in hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts. It also supports 3D oriented features along with 3D glasses. But in this app, the aspect ratio is an issue. It supports all media files automatically. PotPlayer app is lightweight, with the ability to playback almost all video formats. Due to its many features, PotPlayer might be a little confusing for its new users, but it is the best option for Windows users. 

KM Player

Korean streaming company Pandora TV acquired the app. KM player is another famous and great video player app for all Windows users. The app can play almost all mainstream video and audio files. The most important and interesting thing about this app is that it has an inbuilt codec. Due to this feature, all its users do not have to face finding any other codec. It also offers you to enjoy high definition videos. 

It has the ability to edit subtitles right inside the player. It is one of the leading sources for video playbacks. It is highly rated for its record-breaking viewership. The app can also serve efficiently as a standard alone video player. It extends support to 36 languages. You can easily say that it is a complete app in itself. It is highly customizable. But one bad aspect of this app is that it has annoying ads. It is the only bad thing about this app. 


It is formerly known as XBMC. It is a free and open-source media player on the list that I have presented to you. The app is a highly customizable media player that you can use on your laptop. You should know that this app is specially designed for crazy movie lovers. It is interactive due to its full-screen interface. You can listen or watch anything on this app that you like the most. It also allows you efficient and wide compatibility. It also has the offer of sports live streaming. 

The app plays almost all popular videos and music formats, and podcasts. It is preferred due to its media center experience. 

This video player allows you to play content from other sources online. It also helps you to handle network-attached storage devices easily.  It is one of the most functional media player apps for Windows users. It also has a drawback for all beginners in that it causes many complications for its users, which just started to use this app.

Media Monkey

Media monkey media player is the latest addition to the free media players for all Windows users. The app provides a helping hand for those people who want to keep their music organized. It comes with the ability to extend the functionality with the assist of plugins. By using that ability, you can make the look of your player more appealing. You can also enhance device support and playback and new music discovery features. The app is well-known due to intelligent file tagging. The app is really highly configurable. This app is famous for its advanced features such as synchronization, organization, and convenient media library.


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