Best Video Players for Mac

Watching videos has become the most popular hobby of many people in their free time. Many people spend their time watching movies and video clips of any type you like the most. Watching videos is a basic and convenient source of entertainment. This is a modern age, and we all are living in a world of science and technology. 

If you are a Mac user, it will be easier for you to use video player apps for Mac software. I have solved your problem of searching for the best video player apps for all Mac users. My list of the best video player apps with many features that help you watch videos of different types. In these apps, there is no limitation to play and watch videos and movies. All these apps are totally safe to download. The list is given below.

VLC Media Player for Mac

VLC media player for Mac is one of the most popular alternative media players. It is one of the best free media player apps for all Mac users. It helps you to play almost all video file formats. You can easily say that it is a big player in this category. It has many features, such as playing DVDs, CDs, and kinds of streaming protocols. 

The app offers you hardware decoding for many platforms. It is open-source software for Mac. It has the ability to provide you subtitle synchronization. You will feel happy after knowing that VLC is an app that can play everything on a single platform, whether it is collecting streams, devices, discs, files, etc. 

It also provides the ability to install additional extensions for a personalized viewing experience. This app’s most impressive feature is that it provides a high level of privacy and security for all its users. The app is well-known due to its user-friendly interface. It also gives you access to effortless keyboard control. Therefore, it is a complete app for all its users. 

Cisdem Video Player

If you are really looking for a lightweight video player app that can play most video formats, then Cisdem is the greatest choice for you. It is the best-suited video player app for Mac. It serves you with an interactive user interface. The app comes with its own set of amazing features. It supports approximately more than 50 file formats. It is a 100% free app for all Mac users. With this free app’s assistance, you can play 4K and 5K HD videos effortlessly. 

There is no worry about buffering or lagging videos in this video player app. There is no user tracking or spyware in this video player. In easy words, you can say that your personal viewing is absolutely private. It provides a smoother playback experience while other media player apps show many problems in showing any video or movie.

Using this app, there is no need to install additional plugins or codecs to work with this platform. The app has an impressive array of impressive features. So it can work in a stand-alone manner with all its attractive features. This tool is fully compatible with all SD, HD, FHD, and UHD videos and audio files. Audio files contain MP3, OGG, WAV, M4A, etc. The Mac is completely free for media file playback.

5K Player

5K player is another powerful media player app that focuses on playing almost all available formats. This amazing app is capable of playing Ultra HD 4K and 5K video content. It also offers you to download videos from many online video sites such as YouTube. The app is a highly rated online video Downloader. It lets you download the videos you like the most. But the weak point is that the downloading might be a bit slow. It helps you listen to online radio stations such as the BBC, heart planet rock, etc. It is a new style video player that offers all video lovers to enjoy long hour videos with high-quality content. By using this app, you can import subtitles and switch the soundtrack. You can say that it is a complete app in itself due to all its wonderful and powerful features.


One of the best apps for all those who love to watch online videos and movies full willingly is MPlayerX. It is the best-suited app for all those movie lovers. It is a well-known app for its smooth playback assistance that lets you use crystal clear views. The app also offers you to navigate the content easily. To do this, you have to use swipe, tap, and pinch operations on your device screen. This work will help you to have control over all functions. This tool can even handle the problem of subtitles with ease. These subtitles will be detected and converted without any hazard.

The app is one of the fastest choices. It supports instant playback of MKV files. The app helps you to play the next episode of the season you are watching automatically. You can start streaming on many popular media platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo with one click. You can control it with the help of an Apple TV remote. You can enjoy an incredible theatre experience at home on your own choice by using this media player app. But one bad thing about this app is that it is easily intrusive. It also injects pop-up ads as you know that these ads or advertisements can bring viruses. These viruses can be very harmful to our device on which we are watching any video or movie. The app is the best option for you if you really want to enjoy videos or movies in your spare time to entertain yourself. 

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