Best Torrent Clients for Windows

It isn’t easy to download heavy and large files. We all want to download any required file quickly, but it becomes difficult to file large files. So, torrenting is the best option for downloading such kinds of files. No matter if you want to download any large size video, book, movie, or any other software file, it will help you out. We all experience that downloading large files from the servers is a slow and bothers option for us. It becomes much slower and difficult when other people are also trying to grab this file. 

With the help of torrent, you can get the required file with the fastest downloading speed. But, you have to get this file from a client that already has this file. So, a torrent will do all the work for you and join all the pieces of the file. Different torrents have various options and optimization features. This article will discuss the biggest names of the best torrent clients for windows operating systems. From this list, you can grab your favorite torrent client. 

But, before going further, let me clear a myth. Many people say that using torrent clients is illegal. It is not true all the time. It all depends upon which file are you downloading by this torrent? Certain files have copyright restrictions. If you try to download copyright videos or files, you have to pay for them. In these cases, using torrent clients becomes illegal. 

Bit Torrent

Bit Torrent is the best and effective torrent for downloading large files. It comes with a strong user base. It is simple to configure, and most importantly, it has its own torrent client. This client also maintains the UTorrent. Now you will think that both these torrents are alike. But, there are some key differences in the features of these torrents. As far as the bit torrent is concerned, it provides web-based seeding. It allows you to do commenting and reviewing. You can open the downloaded files directly on the VLC media player. 

It has a simple interface and is user-friendly. It is a good choice for all those people who are new to the torrent world. So, it provides the best services from basic to advanced levels. It helps you organize all the downloaded files into various categories and works more efficiently than other torrents in the market. You can also enjoy many other features like scheduled downloading, managing paired devices, and others. However, if you are allergic to Ads, there is a pro version for you. This pro version provides customer support and has a built-in media player. It allows the videos to stream torrents as they are downloaded. 

Web Torrent

Web torrent is the perfect software for all casual users and user friendly. It is the best way to download videos for all those who do not like to suffer from complex features. If you want to download any video or file, copy the URL link of that required file. Then, paste this link into the main window. After it, your torrent will start to fetch this file from the client torrent. It is the most advanced and newest torrent client in the market. 

It does not require any installing setup; you can use it directly in the browser. But, today, you can get it in the app form for windows and other operating systems. It has a built-in video player, so you can watch videos directly right after downloading them. You can add the subtitles and stream the content of the videos. It has a slightly faster downloading speed as compared to other torrents. So, the simple torrent still has open-source software and user documentation. It is free of price.


 It is a simple, balanced speed torrent that is free of cost. It works effectively for various operating systems like Linux, macOS, and Windows. It provides useful features. Some people say that it is not an advanced level torrent. But, it has enough features and options to meet your downloading needs. Most importantly, it is Ads friendly, and there are no promotional pop-ups at all. The oldest torrent client in the market that still works efficiently. 

This torrent client has a built-in media player. Interlinked search engine and media playback support. It is the best torrent for all the clients who have light computer specs. It provides many handy extra tools for users. You cannot find it heavy for your CPU as it takes only some bits of memory. However, this software is not much advanced as other torrents. It lacks many plug-ins and has fewer extensions. 


It is an open-source client that works without any UI. The lightweight and effective torrent clients for downloading the larger files. It is compatible with different operating systems like Linux, macOS, and Windows. So, it is the best combo of a simple and powerful torrent client. This torrent client is expandable with the help of different plug-ins. New-wibes can use it quickly, but they need some time to go in-depth with all features. 

It is integrated with different platforms like Firefox and Chrome. It is effortless and runs without causing any hurdle. , you can use it on any old version of the PC. As soon as you drag and paste the file, it will start downloading it. You can also enjoy the scheduled downloading option of this torrent client. However, it takes some time to learn the ropes of this torrent. The interface of this torrent client has a little sparse. 

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