Best Text-to-Speech Software

There are many communication barriers today. People have different difficulties in encoding and decoding information. That is why there have to be different ways to communicate to ensure the majority of the people understand what you have to say or write.

Text to speech software is a fine way to offer different communication modes to people with varying communication needs. Here are some of the best text-to-speech software.

  • Murf 

Murf offers several transcription services. AI voiceover translation, a voiceover video, voice changer, and voice editing. You can also do voiceover presentations and E-learning voiceovers.

Murf also has affordable pricing plans you’ll be happy to subscribe to. The free trial plan allows for 10 minutes of voice generation and transcription each with a single user and no downloads. You can only share the link to the final speech.

There are three paid plans including the basic, pro, and enterprise plans. The basic plan will set you back $13 p.m. or $156 p.a. this plan is mostly for individuals and allows commercial usage rights. Besides, you get to enjoy unlimited downloads.

For professionals and teams, the pro and enterprise plans are the best. They are the most expensive but offer more features in return.

The enterprise plan allows custom voice generation and transcription time. There are also collaboration features and an account management tool. With these features, a team can complete projects with ease.

  • Natural reader

The app converts text to speech and uses natural voices. There are both paid and free plans and you can use the application for both personal and business purposes. The app is simple to use and delivers all its promises. What you see is what you get.

The natural reader works with Microsoft Word, PDF, and eBooks. The user guide is easily available online and is beginner-friendly. Once you sign up, you can easily access the features and get to work. Natural reader application is good for learning. It has a built-in browser and other amazing features. Above all, it is reliable software.

  • Voice dream

The application has audio and visual controls. This helps set up the app to a theme you prefer. That makes it easy to use the application. Besides, it has a library management feature. These organizational features make it easy to plan and organize your work.

There’s a free plan and another for Android and iOS users. The most suitable plan depends on what you want to achieve. Your device will also advise on the correct plan to go for.

You can also use Voice dream with Ms Word, PDF, PPT, Plain text, Daisy Text, and Audio. Other than that, the app allows you to load your files from anywhere including Bookshare, Gutenberg, sites, among other platforms.

This wide variety makes it suitable for people of all needs. Its affordability completes its suitability and guarantees value for money.

Some people find challenges interpreting text perhaps due to disability. This all-inclusive app is favorable to blind people, those with low vision, autism, and motor function. Besides, people affected with dyslexia can also benefit from this application.

It also has annotation features that let you bookmark and highlight text. Besides, it gives you the freedom to keep notes when need be. The notes will be your point of reference later on when you need them. 

  • iSpring suite

With the learning needs and requirements changing with time, this app is what you need for text-to-speech assignments. Online content creators can use the application to build content and actualize their creativity as others learn from them.

Previously, you would need a professional voice-over artist to create content for you. That’s not the case now with the establishment of the iSpring Suite. The app converts text to natural-sounding speech.

Its user-friendliness makes it easy to do the transcription. All you do is copy and paste the text on the editor. Then, you can adjust the voices to your liking. Once that’s done, the text will be in speech form and ready for your download.

The app works well with PowerPoint. That is why it is possible and easy to create interactive videos from the text. Users have also used the app to create quizzes and other audio forms. This helps enhance communication thus creating an impact on society.

  • Note vibes

There are more than 200 natural-sounding voices on this platform. This allows you to select that which suits your project and use it for transcription. You can sign up for the 60-day trial plan and have a taste of the app.

You can make educational, personal, or sales videos. The latter will help you increase your conversion rate and makes more sales. Education videos will come out clearer and have more impact on the learners.

The app is multi-language, secure, and manageable. Management features can only be accessed under a paid plan. The security features allow users to enjoy usage without fearing for their content to leak.

There’s a lot of need when it comes to content creation. You want to make ads, broadcast information, and give lectures. Note vibes allow you to focus on the content so that you make a quality production. They do the dirty work as you emphasize creativity.

  • Capti Voice

This is one of the few transcription software that allows offline usage. The app can track speech word by word. It also has cross-device sync features. The plans can be paid for monthly, semi-annually, or annually. Besides, there’s a free one-week trial. During this time, you can test the app and see if you’re willing to purchase the advanced plans.

The highly-rated app is good for personal learning. Besides, it helps improve productivity. That way, you can accomplish your goals more easily.


Text to speech applications is increasing in demand. There’s a need to develop accurate transcription tools. Developers are overworking as they build reliable systems. The above six highly-rated apps are some of the best apps you can try. They have affordable plans with some possessing very useful features.   


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