Best Robot Movies For Kids

Every parent will tell you how much they love their kids. Well, kids are a special addition to a family. They bring both joy and sorrow in equal measure. One way to make them happy and grow their ability to think through tasks is through movies. Robot movies are a good idea. But what robot movies would suit them? Here are some.


Produced in 2008, this animation is a good one for your child. Andrew Stanton and Jim Reardon were the cowriters, while Jim Morris was the producer. The movie has a big production team and has a running time of around 97 minutes. That is roughly an hour and a half, which is enough to keep your jumpy young one stuck on the television as you undertake other tasks.

Initially, the characters used body language to communicate. They also used robotic sounds to pass information within themselves. The award-winning movie is great for entertainment and does well to campaign for waste management and against obesity.

Regarded as a social criticism movie, the production was well-received the world over. This fact reflects in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. Although a reasonable amount of $180 million had been spent in the production, the amount raised in revenue was more than four times more in income.

Big Hero 6

Released in 2014, this is another great movie for your kids. The animated movie is a Walt Disney release. That means it is a high-quality production and so you can expect nothing but the best. Don Hall and Chris Williams are the producers of this great robot movie, and it was produced with kids in mind. The movie is almost two hours long. This provides enough time for your kid to follow through and enjoy the movie.

Produced in English, it cost the production team a staggering $165 million to produce the movie. The plot is one your child will enjoy. It is about a young man who’s a genius in robotics. The boy named Hiro engages in prohibited robot fights, which risks getting him into trouble. On seeing that, his brother comes to his rescue. He takes him to a lab where he can utilize his skills to avoid trouble. More unfolds as the timer runs. Big Hero 6 is a fine movie for your young one. You can be sure he’ll enjoy it to the last second. The movie is highly rated and does not disappoint.


The movie title tells it all. You already know it’s an animation. Aunt Fanny, Bigweld, Cappy, Piper, and Fender are some of the characters. There are more, including; Rodney, Madame Gasket, Crank, and Wonderboy. All these characters make this movie a must-watch. For your kids, you dare touch that remote, and you’ll have a big problem for yourself. Once the play button goes, the movie starts; you’ll have no control over them.

Most fans claim this movie is underrated. This gives you more reason to buy the movie for your kids, although there are still chances of a disappointment since not everyone likes it 100%.  It looks like the movie was meant for a certain group of fans, and you won’t like it if you’re not in this group.

You’d probably want to know some of the cast behind this production. One of them is Amanda Bynes. Others include; Halle Berry, Robin Williams, Paul Giamatti, Lowell Ganz et al. This group of gifted actors have done a great job ensuring both your kids and you are entertained.

Real Steel

This is another great product that was brought to life in 2011. The more than two-hour-long movie is a great one, although it may want your kids to be more attentive. I remember how fast I would fall asleep watching movies as a kid back in the day. Two hours were too much for me to stay attentive. I guess I had a low level of concentration.

Hugh Jackman, Dakota Goyo et al. are the great cast behind this movie. Directed by Shawn Levy, the kid’s friendly entertainment production has earned hundreds of millions of dollars for the production team. Online reviews indicate this is a must-watch movie. Your kids will enjoy their time with every minute of viewership. If you choose to watch with them, be sure to be entertained too.

The Black Hole

This is another fine movie for you and your kids. Perhaps your presence there will be to keep your kids company. It is one of the oldest robot movies for kids yet one of the best movies for kids. It offers fine entertainment. Some cast members include; Maximilian Schell, Ernest Borgnine, Wolfgang Ziffer et al. At the time of production, most of these actors were at the peak of their careers. At the moment, most of these actors might have already quit acting, perhaps due to old age, or to pave the way for more talented ones.

The Black Hole is one hour and thirty-eight minutes long. It has received some fine reviews online and continues to be a good watch even though it was produced decades ago. The actors/producers did a fantastic job of putting together an act that would live for years without being forgotten. Therefore, the Black Hole deserves a position in the list of the best robot movies for kids.


Robot movies for kids may be hard to find today. Even if you do, you may find a long list of boring movies. That means exposing your children to dull moments, which I’m certain you do not want. That is why I have prepared a list of fine robot movies for your kids. Try those, and you will thank me later. You can also find them attractive, and that is why you can keep your children company and watch it with them. I mean, what’s a family all about? Doing things together is what defines family. Watch the movies with your kids and enjoy the program.

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