Best Remote Desktop Software

The word “Remote” is a word that refers to a local connection. Remote desktop software permits the local system desktop environment to run remotely in one of the systems while actually on some other system. An easy way, this software helps all its users access any other machine of the other user in its local system over the same network with this software’s help. This may be for any business purpose issue such as desktop sharing, file transfer, remote control, etc. Remote desktop software with a lot of features that have been around for years. This software uses a client-server model for connecting and controlling a computer remotely. 

The remote device which is being controlled is named as “server”. And the other local device used to control the server is known as the “client”.  Remote desktop software is mainly used for these purposes such as troubleshooting, help desk, work from home, and personal use. Organizations heavily use this software to save time, reduce complexity, and to increase customer satisfaction. There is a lot of such software, but I have brought a list for you that contains the top class remote desktop software. I have made this list for you to reduce the tension of finding the best remote desktop software. 

Team Viewer

Team viewer is another best remote PC software for cross-platform compatibility. It is a powerful remote access program that enables remote access to and from computers. Network machines, mobile devices, and many more. But it is quite expensive. For personal use, there is a free version of TeamViewer. But, for business and commercial users, it will be upgraded to a paid subscription. 

This software offers impressive cross-platform compatibility, which includes remote mobile access and device compatibility.  It is famous software in the Remote Software Innovation industry. This tool focuses on cloud-based technologies to enable online remote support and collaboration globally. The software acts as a catalyst to promote and amplify people’s ideas and solve many problems and overcome challenges. It is a complete package that can remote access and can share meeting applications. 

This feature helps to run under all systems and mobile platforms. This tool is a VPN alternative. This helps you to wake up, restart, and install applications automatically. It offers you flexible sharing, IOS sharing, and remote printing. As it has a lot of features, but there are some drawbacks to this remote desktop software. One of them is that this software cannot view two remote systems at the same time. Ant this tool is not capable of sharing a huge file as it lags in time intervals.   

Remote Desktop Manager

The Remote desktop manager is best suited to businesses with large networks of connected devices. It is a powerful computer access program that offers scalable solutions for large businesses. This software is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It comes with a selection of impressive security features. 

This is widely used among many organizations. It provides you guidance to make one remote connection tool, data, password configuration, etc. It also allows you to operate a secured platform that is convenient for operation. By its security feature, it helps you to decrease the risk factor. This software also has the support of multiple integrated technologies like VPN and protocols. Some of the features are readily available such as follow-up and schedules. 

One of the amazing features of this tool is that GPS tracking is implemented. It is user-friendly software, and its configuration setup is easy and quick. But it also has some bad things. One of them is that its interface design needs to be improved. Sometimes due to its processes, it makes your computer really slow. One of the worst things about this tool is that the user has to save the file on the cloud-first, and then the user can move it to another different location.


It is another good remote desktop software. This software directly takes control of MacOS devices and Windows with integrated Cloud RDP, Team Viewer, and Splashtop. It monitors all your Windows and macOS workstations, laptops, and servers. This tool allows you to remotely manage all your devices without interruption by the end-user through a robust suite of remote tools. 

It helps you to standardize the deployment, configuration, and management of devices without powerful IT automation. It offers you automate OS and third-party application patching for Windows and macOS devices. With this software, you can take advantage of a full solution for IT management to reduce the need for remote desktop software. The self-heals feature of this tool is amazing. With this feature, it automatically solves all issues whenever they arise.  

Chrome Remote Desktop

You will be amazed by knowing that Google Chrome has a wonderful extension for remote desktops too. This software allows you to set up your computer to secure remote access. It is one of the best remote desktop software. It is a free remote access software available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. When it is compared with other paid options, it is minimal. It is available as a browser extension. Therefore, it can be used on any device that supports the Chrome browser. 

It is limited to mobile devices. But, it is easy to set up and is certainly worth considering. It could be a great tool for your remote desktops as there is almost zero interruption during connection. It can be a little tedious when you set it up. But, once you have done this, it allows you to use all its features fully. One bad thing about this software is that it does not have any chat option if you need to communicate quickly with someone. It means that the functions are limited. Therefore, I’ll call it an entry-level choice. 

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