Best Offline RPG Games for Android

We all get fed up with the same life routine. Due to this reason, we need a short break from daily problems. For calmness and entertainment, people choose things according to their taste. There are some of you who are addicted to playing games. Sometimes due to any technical reason, we lost access to the internet. In this condition, we love to play games. Gaming is the best option for you to pass your spare or free time with full entertainment and interest. You may come across many games like PUBG, Ludo, Free Fire, and many others. But sadly, all these games are online games. Many offline games are pretty good and entertaining. That’s why I am here with the best offline RPG games so you can enjoy your free time.  In the choice of games, I think RPG games are the best option for you to entertain yourself. RPG stands for Role-Playing Game. to find the best RPG game; you do not have to go anywhere else because I have brought a list for you that consists of the top RPG games. These games are described in the following. 

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is one of the best RPG games specially designed for all Android devices for all RPG lovers. Square Enix develops this legendary game celebrated for its fantastic storytelling and gorgeous 16-bit graphics. This game still holds up as one of the best video games of all time. This is a standalone game that has been optimized for mobile gaming with touch controls set by default and support for Bluetooth controllers. 

For a long plane ride, this offline game helps you to make your travel very entertaining. It can be a great travel companion. The game is absolutely worth your time and money if you have never played Chrono Trigger before. This amazing game is full of mystery and action with a riveting story that is just so satisfying. 

The game also offers you to taste full adventure. In short, you can say that this game is full of adventure, entertainment, and interest in this game. If you want to spend your free or spare time without getting bored, I think that you should try this game. You can download this from the given link to play it and to be entertained.


It is another one of the best offline RPG games specially designed for all Android users. The game stands out from the rest of all the games on this described list. It is the most famous game due to its self-aware sense of humor and homage to the most popular games. It is one of the unique role-playing games that you will find on Android. 

The game is not an open world like many other famous games but takes on a video game history. The game is also a short playthrough, taking approximately 40 minutes at most to complete the game. As you progress in this game, you unlock new technologies and new graphics until you reach the modern 3D/HD age. In the game, your journey is punctuated by references to classic RPGs and movies. 

So, you keep a sharp eye out and enjoy the Easter eggs thrown in as you battle, loot, and level up. The game offers you a meta-narrative that explores the evolution of RPG video games. It helps you to start with monochrome graphics and a 2D character. However, this game is not the most original game of all time. But, it is as funny as any of the originals. If you are really in love with RPG video games, you must try this game to be entertained or amused by its lot of features.

Pocket Mortys

The game Pocket Mortys is another amazing RPG video game that has a high standard of popularity. If you have ever played the game “Pokemon,” then you will love Rick and Mortys in this game. But, based on the game Pokemon, the original gameplays of Pokemon were nothing but Role Playing fun, which is what Pocket Mortys seem to achieve. 

This game tantalizes gaming enthusiasts by bringing a similar experience to the classic Pokemon on your Android device. In this game, you have to control Rick, who is doing science in his garage when Mysterious Rick comes through a portal. And he challenges Rick to a Morty battle. Then Rick goes through the portal to the council of Risks. They confiscate his portal gun. If you want to get it back, then you have to defeat six Risks. In short, you have to capture every type of Morty. 


Eternium is claimed to be the first RPG that is specially designed for touch controls. The game is an excellent fantasy RPG that does feel great to play. The controls of this game are smooth, and the gameplay is fun and immersive. The controls make sense to the mobile experience. The particularly cool feature of this RPG game is its spell-casting controls. 

Since you have to draw symbols on your mobile screen to summon different spells, if you are truly looking for an RPG experience that is especially meant for mobile, you should indulge in Eternium. This game claims to offer no paywalls and is never pay-to-win. It is a free-to-play mobile RPG that can be downloaded from Google Play Store. 

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