Best Offline Racing Games for Android

Nowadays, we all are living with Coronavirus. Coronavirus is also known as COVID-19. It is a pandemic disease due to which all of us have to stay at home. We are completely free from our busy routine, and we have nothing to do. In this situation, we need some activities to pass our free time. Gaming can be an entertaining way to spend your free and extra time. In games, racing forms a crucial part of the gaming industry. Racing games have become a sustainable trend over the last few years. 

Smartphones have started to support even high-end games. On these phones, the racing games category has become immensely popular among all gamers. If you want to experience such games available to play without any internet connection, we have got you covered. A lot of gamers are in love with racing games. Offline racing games are also for gamers who face trouble due to huge internet bills. They can race cars with data switched off. We have brought a list of the selection of the best Android offline racing games. All these racing games on this list are top-class games. The list is described in the following. 

CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 is one of the most famous racing games, and this game is visually stunning. This offline racing game is a drag racing game. This game makes you feel as if you are racing cars on the real track. This game helps you to get every legendary vehicle of your dreams. In this game, you will buy cars, add upgrades, and you can play this game. There are a lot of cars to collect of your choice. And about graphics, you can say that the graphics are actually pretty good. 

This car racing game is a good time killer in the racing genre. CSR racing games are also equipped with 3D features. This game gives a feeling of a hyper-real drag racing game. It also provides all its users the ultimate gaming experience. If you are in love with car racing games, you should try this game to fulfill your desire to play racing games without any internet connection.

Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme is another famous and well-known offline racing game. On your Android phones, you can get this driving game. You can also enjoy this racing game with its excellent graphics. It also offers you a solid machine and much more. This racing game consists of tons of off-road racing tracks, and it lets you experience the best of gaming by drifting and climbing across mountains and dirt. The game also helps you to customize your rides with an impressive collection of custom setups. And upgrades to make your personal speed machine.  Asphalt Xtreme also hosts approximately 300 career events and 1100 mystery challenges for those who get bored quickly. It would be best if you tried all modes of this game to enhance your experience. If you wish to have an off-road gaming experience, you must try this one. 

Real Car Race Game 3D

This game is proved to be another one of the top class games which are available without internet requirement. This car racing game is the most popular among other racing games due to its exciting tracks in jungle and snow environments. This racing game also has many other offerings to keep you hooked, such as multiple game modes and many others. It offers you four game modes. 

Their names are endless drift racing, time trial, challenge mode, and police chase. The trial mode is offered to polish your driving skills before you move to the track. In the game, you have to run from the police and defeat your friends. This game offers you everything that you search for in an Android car driving game. And as you know, the availability of offline car racing games is just like the icing on the cake. In my opinion, you must try it to enhance your car driving game experience. 

GT Racing 2

This game offers you a real car driving experience. This game is one of the most aggressive games when it is compared to other freemium games. You will find this game one of the best offline racing games for Android when you try it. This game’s main thing is that GT Racing 2 offers you all your dream cars, from Lamborghini to Ferrari. Due to high-end vehicles, this game is rated high by all its users. 

This game still has a lot in its bucket. In this game, you can compete with your other friends, upgrade, and customize your cards with many advanced tools. It offers you 1400 events and has 13 racing tracks. It offers you amazing tracks and events to raise your experience a notch up. This racing game offers you a massive list of features. In this game, you race through four thrilling cameras and explore the car’s stunning interior.

Racing fever

This game is known as one of the riskiest games in the racing game industry. This racing game deserves a place in this list of the top Android offline racing games due to this feature.  This racing game is the most addictive arcade racing game out of the lot. Racing Fever offers you a lot of features. These features include six rooms and exciting prizes. 

The main thing that you should know about this game is that your car should always be in the middle of the track. By doing this, you can survive in the game. In this game, you can compete with your friends or challenge random players in the multiplayer game. You can play in slow-motion in the game for a few moments. During playing this game, you have to take many risks to earn coins. 

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