Best Night Vision Apps for Android

With all the advancements in smartphone technology, there are still a few things that might prove to be problematic for users. A lot of these problems are related to our phone cameras. One of the most annoying things that a smartphone user has to face is the fact that our phones can’t take pictures at night or in really dark places.

Well, I’m happy to tell you that there’s an easy fix for this. Now you can capture all your important events regardless of the light situation. In this article, I have compiled a list of Night vision camera apps that will allow you to capture some quality pictures, even in the dark.

Color Night Vision Camera

If you often find yourself in situations where you have to use your camera or take pictures in the dark, then the Color Night Vision Camera app is for you. This android camera app allows you to improve the quality of the photos. You can use it to navigate at night when you are virtually blinded by darkness. Color Night Vision Cam is designed specifically to improve the quality of shooting at night or in low light, so the app can be used as a night vision device. The color of the image can be improved with customized effects; Green, red and black & white are some of the color filters in this app. The program offers a number of individual settings, so the camera can be optimized for any situation separately.

Night Camera 

Night Camera is a great night vision camera app that is designed for iPhone users. It is free and has a user-friendly interface that allows even the most basic users to control and navigate the app. It doesn’t require a flashlight to take pictures at low light levels. Night Camera contains some unique features like; a real-time luminosity histogram, real-time luminance histogram, residual light enhancement and a nice 6x zoom.

Night Mode Camera (Photo & Video)

Night Mode Camera is a simple program that can be used to see better at night and allows you to take photos, and also record videos in the dark. The photos are made in a characteristic shade of green which all photos were taken with night vision devices have. The photos are saved to the in-built Gallery. The app’s interface is very simple and does not differ from the control of most programs for creating and editing photos.

Thermal Night Vision Color Filter Effect Camera

Thermal Night Vision Color Filter Effect Camera is a great night vision app that is easy to use. it turns your regular camera into a thermal sensor, using bright pixels in yellow and red tones and darker pixels in lilac and blue. These colors allow the user (you) to see things in the dark. To use the thermal vision mode, press the Night Vision Goggles button. Remember that this is a thermal sensor and will require your flashlight to be on to work in pitch-black darkness. The transition to different levels of light is very good and the quality overall is the closest to the real thing.

Night Mode Camera

Night Mode Camera is an awesome night vision app for android users. With this app, you can capture photos at night or in extremely dark places. This smart night vision camera app can take high-quality photos and videos that can be up to 1080p. Night Mode Camera uses some advanced algorithms that give you high-quality pictures with the green night vision effect. It has a good number of different filters that allow you to improve pictures taken at low light levels, even at pitch-black darkness.

Night Vision Camera Simulation

Night Vision Camera Simulator is a night vision app that exists on both android and iPhones. With this app, you turn your phone into a highly functional night vision device. The app uses an advanced algorithm that allows it to detect different shades of grey. It detects really dark shades and converts them into brighter colors that the human eye can notice more easily.  The app has three color match filters, a live night vision power amplifier feature and settings to adjust the camera rotation

Night Eyes Lite- Night camera 

This is one of the more popular apps on this list. This iPhone-only program tackles the problem of taking pictures in areas with low levels of light. Clarity is what this app provides you with as the pictures it takes to come out clear in low light. It includes a 10x zoom and various color filters to boost quality. This is the perfect app for you to capture images and record when there is no light or in a dim-lit room.  iOS users can download this app free from the app store for free.

Night vision cam  

With this app, you can enjoy taking pictures in less luminous part of the room or in any dark place. It has a smooth working interface with easy to grasp processes. This night vision cam has a timer in it that allows you to take pictures with a delayed output timer. It even supports green, blue, red, and green color mode filters in it. It has an easy zoom and brightness control. It has video recording capabilities. Make sure you keep your hands steady when taking pictures on this app to achieve maximum quality.

Night Vision Flashlight

Night Vision Flashlight is one of the best night vision apps for android and iOS users. It allows you to easily change brightness, color and add extra effects on a photo. It is easy to use the app with a good user interface so that anyone can easily use this app on their android or iOS device. You can also use this app to turn into a color view or use the flashlight app and watch through the camera if you walk by night to not stumble about anything on the ground.


illumes is a night camera app for android users which provides the option to capture high-quality pictures and videos in the dark. You can also use it as selfie apps with more cartoon picture app options to make a cartoon picture of your friends, family, and others. There are four different color options as blue, red, green, warm, or natural to take a picture and videos in the dark. Using this app you will be able to capture photos and videos without using the flashlight on your smartphone.


The apps listed in this article are intended to be used as replacements for actual night vision equipment that cost over a thousand dollars. Use these apps as fun substitutes but do not expect 100% functionality

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