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The Internet is a boon for all movie lovers. With this love, the lockdown and pandemic have forced us to involve ourselves in some activities. Now, we can watch all our favorite movies with just one click and check the review of movies. It is essential to know the review of any movie before watching it. Because a bad movie can ruin your time and mood. So, many film geeks check for reviews of movies and then go for them. We can check the videos elaborating on the movies. There are plenty of channels that describe the story, cast, roles, and everything about the movies flawlessly. 

We have observed a trend of video essays for the past years. Many famous YouTubers like Lessons from a screenplay and Nerdwriter1 use this strategy. All these YouTube channels completely elaborate on the plot of movies, each actor’s role, and all about the cast of the movies. It can help you to invest your precious time in the best movies that suit your taste. In this article, I have listed the best movie review YouTube channels that will help you to know about any movies better. 

Filmmaker IQ

You do not have to look further due to some of the more technical aspects of filmmaking. This YouTube channel is a one-stop shop for everything that you need to know, from the history of camera lenses to the introduction of colors in movies. This channel also helps you know the evolution of different colors in the movies to make them attractive. They do videos about things truly offbeat and mind-blowing. 


Some of the most famous on YouTube are Cineflex’s video Listicles. It is a place for every movie lover. Every movie buff would love to visit movies here every day. There is a wide range of content such as like it/ love it, all the things you do not like, and the top 10 series. All these things provide a lot of entertainment and information about certain movies. If by chance, they had not discussed it, it probably is not relevant. These guys do what they rule. 

Jeremy Jahns

Jeremy Jahns is Awesometacular. It is one of the most subscribed YouTube movie review channels. It has more than 1 million subscribers. Just like all other movie reviewers, you should check out his year-end top list of movies. This channel also describes the list of the worst movies of the year. The feature that makes it very special is his fast-paced editing. His high energy stands up like an approach to reviewing movies that makes him stand out apart. 


The channel will help you allay all your doubts. They have very well-thought-out character studies from some of your most beloved TV shows and movies. My personal favorite is the “You Know It” series, in which a filmmaker’s style has been studied. Then the visible list tropes. It is one of the most rated movie review YouTube channels. 

Film Riot

This movie review filmmaker Ryan Connolly hosts a YouTube channel. This channel contains pretty much all the information that you need to make your own film. This DIY channel is a must-follow for any aspiring filmmaker. It helps you from directing to editing and from editing to designing your film poster. The style of the owner is clear and breezy. This channel provides you all the instructions that you should follow while making a movie. 

Channel Awesome

No one can stop this movie review YouTube channel from getting a cult fan following, even a Content ID strike. The movie reviews for this YouTube channel are straight and funny. His reviews are amazing for almost all movies, especially for the bad ones. For a regular moviegoer, his YouTube series like Demo Reel, Bum Reviews, and Nostalgia Critic is a delight to watch movie reviews.    

Nostalgia Critic 

Doug Walker creates this web series. This YouTube channel is perfect for anyone who wishes to live in the past for a little bit longer. This channel helps you find out all the movies and their reviews of the age when you were little. It assists you to look back in the past by watching movies of your childhood.

The owner usually reviews films and television shows from his childhood and recent past with comically exaggerated rage. The feature that makes it tremendously entertaining is his sarcasm and passionate outrage over certain films. 

Screen Junkies

Unlike many of the other channels on this list that are operated by individuals, this YouTube channel is run by a team of YouTubers. Because of their “Honest Trailer”, they are famous among all YouTube channels. They make a popular trailer of any movie that has been released. And then portray the movie in the way it actually should have been portrayed. The fans or subscribers of this YouTube channel leave ridiculous sentences in the comments for the trailer of the movies that they make.  

Mr. Sunday Movies

The feature of this YouTube channel that sets Mr. Sunday apart from other movie review sites is his trailer breakdowns. On the other hand, many other reviewers on this list do trailer reactions. Mr. Sunday movies make things you have missed videos, taking time to pick apart the simplest sentences and the smallest details in a trailer to figure out what the movies could be about and what surprises are there for you might be in a store. This YouTube channel holds an extraordinary distinction for analyzing the movie frame by frame, which is great for filmmakers looking to learn more about the industry’s history.

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