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Movie watchers love to know about movies before watching. Because they make it worth watching, suppose, you are on holiday, or it’s the weekend night, you plan to watch a movie. All set, you are giving your time to the movie. But, imagine if the movie turns out to be shit. Oh My God, the movie has spoiled your precious time. To avoid these conditions, it is worth visiting an online movie review site. It will help you out to know what the best movie is according to your taste? First of all, people find the movie review sites on Google, and they are left with the bombardment of sites. It becomes difficult to find the best site.

 Moreover, you will get a short two-line presentation of the movie’s story. It is really tough to find an accurate movie review site that will give you the point results. Sometimes, you may visit a site and get length articles, showing that the movie is fine at the final verdict. I understand the difficulties of movie watchers. I am also one of those who check the movie review websites before watching any movie. If you are looking for online movie and TV show review sites, you are at the right place. In this article, I will definitely tell you about the best movie review sites.


IMDB is the most popular and no doubt authentic site to get accurate reviews of all movies. It is one of the most helpful sites that give you information about any movie. Imagine planning to watch a movie, you go to IMDB and get the all about the movie. You get the shows, the reviews about movies, and give the cast and crew information.

Apart from it, they also offer a platform to the users to rate the movie on a 1 to 10 scale. But, this is mostly available to the specific users who use IMDB regularly. It also shows the demographic, which means it shows which the different age groups like movies. Like what type of movies is preferred to watch by the young male and female? It provides a review of all the movies like Hollywood, Bollywood, and other countries.

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is the best movie review site that is famous all over the world. It provides reviews that are submitted by the regional or national critics. Based on these reviews, you conclude that either the movie is rotten or fresh? The reviews are altered into the scores, and then these scores decide the final prediction about any movie. For a movie to be declared as fresh, it should get a 60 percent positive score. So, any movie that gets lower than 60 percent is declared as the rotten one.

 Due to these simplified algorithms, it is the most visited movie review site. It is the place where you get to know whether your movie is good or bad? There is no space left for the middle stage rating. You will get a movie either on the top or on the floor. Suppose 30 people give a 7/10 score to any movie; more probabilities will be declared a 100 percent fresh movie. So, the score algorithms are totally dependent on the decision of critics.

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert is one of the most favorite movie critics all over the world. He is famous for honest movie reviews. Roger Ebert published every movie review. This website is known as the father of movie review websites. You can get true guidance about any movie from this website. Everyone can get a true guide and review any movie. So, it is a more authentic movie review platform for the public.

Rotten Pepper

It is one of the best destinations for movie and TV serial lovers. Now, you can get movies and TV show reviews at the ultimate site. It is the best site to get reviews about video games, product reviews, book reviews, and other general reviews. They provide you with honest and witty reviews about all the mentioned things.

 The authors of this site compile reviews about different products or any other thing. However, the scores are provided by the contributions of all the users and authors. So, if you want to know about anything’s review or want to write, visit this excellent website.

It is another latest movie review website that holds a lot of the latest features. It has everything about the movies. Either you want to read about any movie review or want to check the upcoming movies or theaters, you can get information from this website. You can know about all the movies, movie theaters, and reviews on this famous website. 

The site authors write reviews of movies. As far as the movie scores are concerned, they are provided by the contributions of the users. So, it is another excellent movie review source on your list.


There are many other helpful movie review websites, and of course, it is impossible to compile all in this article. But, I have mentioned all the famous sites. I also visit these websites to get honest and witty reviews about movies. I hope that you will also enjoy good times during this lockdown period. Enjoy your movie.

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