Best LED Manufacturing Companies

Light Emitting Diode (LED) has been around now for quite some time. The technology continues to gain popularity as well as make profits for companies trading. Gadgets made of LED seem to move faster on the market, and the vendors keep using them to make more money. Today, I would like to bring to your attention the best five LED manufacturing companies. They have been leading in the production of this technology and manufacturing goods made of the technology.

Acuity Brands

According to the blog. technavio is one of the best-LED companies in the world. The company was established in 2001. Decades later, it continues to make profits and shape the LED world. The organization has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. The organization produces both indoor and outdoor lighting products.

With an average revenue of more than 3 Billion, the giant company continues to lead in the LED world. They make fine controls as well as daylight systems. Besides, this company some of the best controls in the world. There are many industries in the world focusing on different services and products. As they offer these services, they get different lighting needs.

Some of the popular products are made by Aculux and Peerless. Those are not the only lighting products made by this company; Juno and Hydrel are the other products. Acuity Brands has built a reputation through these quality lighting products it may take decades to beat in the competition.

GE Lighting

This another US-based organization. The exact location for this leading company in East Cleveland. Unlike others, GE Lighting is a specialist in manufacturing home lighting solutions. What makes LED products made by this product unique? Their bulbs have high energy-saving abilities as well as long-lasting solutions. That’s not all.

Another great quality of GE Lighting products is the use of technology in their operations. For instance, the GE Lighting smart lamps – have visual timers besides auto-sleep features and auto wake. Another great feature is the ability of these LED products is their ability to be controlled by voice. In 2017, the organization made close to 2 Billion in revenue. A clear indication of how well the organization is performing.

This performance is a true reflection of the demand in the market. Their products are moving fast as they keep innovating new LED products. In the future, the producer will keep stamping its authority on its competitors and new entrants.


Cree was established in 1987. It is more than three decades now, and the experience in the LED industry shows in the demand they’ve successfully created in the world. Electronics can overheat sometimes. When that happens, it requires fine material that can sustain increased temperatures. Cree is known for making durable and heavy-duty components that can withstand increased temperatures.

The organization made close to 1.5 billion dollars in the 2017 financial year and made profits with time. As the demand for its services rise, so does the supply. When these two meet, Cree can sustain itself and grow. The growth means better delivery for its clients and durability. That spells value for money, and this explains why most of the clients keep coming back.

Cree products are known for superior performance and their ability to withstand high temperatures or vintages. Cree makes products for both indoor and outdoor lighting. This diversity allows them to attract a wider net of clients. Other than illumination, they include intelligence in their lighting. This gives LED another dimension. As we move forward, we wait to see how far Cree will take LED.


Osram is a German-based LED company. The organization making billions in LED products and services continues to mix technology and lighting to make outstanding creations to meet the world’s lighting needs. Their light products produce light that mimics natural lighting. That creates an illusion of continuity in light production even as you transit from natural to artificial lighting.

The company located in Munich makes lighting products that offer light as well as comfort. At the moment, artificial intelligence and the internet of things is the trend and will continue to be for a long time. Osram continues to use these technologies in combination with creativity to make great, long-lasting lighting products.

Philips Lighting

This is one of the most popular lighting companies in the world. You’ve probably used a Philips product, sold or bought. The LED products continue to reach out to so many people in the world. That is why the company made as much as 8.1 billion US dollars in 2017. That is no mean feat. The organization has been around since 1891, and that explains why it has been dominating the lighting world and will continue to do so.

In 2018, the company made a strategic decision to rename itself to Signify. Seemingly the idea had no negative impact on the company’s revenues. Although, they still reserve the right to use the Philips tag on their brand for the next decade.

During the formation of this organization, its mission was to provide access and affordability to quality services. It was not long, and the masses fell in love with their products. To confirm their status as a leading producer, the company is still at the top of companies providing lighting services with LED included. As time goes by, the organization will keep benefiting from the clients’ goodwill and their experience and expertise.


Lighting has been taking turns in the past decade. Philips has been in the industry since 1891 and continues to lead. This article has highlighted the additional four top LED manufacturing companies working to last in the industry as Philips has. The companies made to this list because of their quality products, high revenues, and the love they receive from their clients. As business dynamics change, so will the names on this list. Some may lose their spots while some may retain. Only time will tell.

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