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Do we face different situations like what would you try to do if you need to access data on your site’s server? WordPress is the most widely used software and content management system. We handle most of our tasks with the help of this system. This system lacks a built-in FTP client that helps users transfer files between their computers and web hosting server. So, I have decided to bring something for you that can help you to transfer your files. But, first of all, you need to know about the FTP clients and why you will have this on your device? 

What is an FTP Client?

File Transfer Protocol is the basic network protocol that allows you to transfer files from one host to another over the TCP-based network. It supports the uploading of files from your device and then transfers them to your WordPress. If you want to use an FTP to transfer the files, you must have an FTP client. It will help you manage the present files on some other location, and you manage them from your personal computer. You can also use WordPress for this purpose, but an FTP client can solve WordPress’s common errors. 

What should be the features of an FTP Client?

If you need to find an FTP client for your device, either Mac or Windows, it must be easy to use. Here are the same features that you should for in an FTP client:

  • Remote file editing
  • One common access point
  • Support for FTP
  • Syncing and Backup option
  • Drop and Drag files
  • Multiple languages available
  • Cross-platform access
  • Directory comparison
  • Simple interface that is very easy to use by beginners
  • Support SFTP
  • Password encryption for the added security

For using an FTP client, you need to have an FTP username and password that will give you access to connect your WordPress. Now let’s look for the best FTP client for your device.


It is one of the free FTP clients that are compatible with Mac and Windows devices. It provides the cloud storage browser and libre server. Unlike the other cross-platform FTP clients, it is the one that works excellent for your Mac device. It not only works efficiently also supports the features like locating files in Finder and storing login credentials. It has client-side encryption and a simple interface for beginners. It allows remote file editing. It works effectively with several external code editors. It helps you open files and edits both texts and binary files with a click of a button. With all these pros, it supports a wide range of protocols, including SFTP, FTP, and WebDAV. It also allows the API connections with the cloud drives like Dropbox and Google Drive. It has advanced level SSH functionality and bookmarking capability. Like everything has some flaws, so the client has. There is no portable version of this FTP client. It is somehow slower than the other FTP clients. So, it is an inexpensive solution that gives you the perfect job. 


WinSCP is one of the best and sought-out FTP clients for file transfer. It works excellent on all Windows operating systems. It is open-source and simple software that makes us upload, download, and edit files. It is much simple to transfer files from the computer on one side to the server on the other side. It has advanced level support for SSH, SFTP, and FTP. There is also a language switcher where English is basic. It provides WebDAV support and a master password for high-level security. It has an integrated text editor that allows users to drop, drag, and edit different files. It works by task automation and scripting. There is no default installation of the adware. But, there are certain cons of this FTP client. It cannot toggle between two interfaces, so you must change the preferences. There is no way to edit the keyboard shortcut. Overall, it is the free FTP client that provides the best services for windows operating systems. 


It is a popular open-source FTP client unique due to its working with the major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is effortless to use and provides a simple interface. It provides the complete elaborating documentation that provides the queries to your every single question regarding the use of FTP client. It has a portable version and remote file editing features. It also allows remote file searching. FileZilla supports the FTP over SSL/TLS, SSH FTP, FTP, and many more. It allows bookmarking and secure file transferring. It is loved equally by every user, no matter what their operating system. Many of them complain that they face adware issues when they install it into their device. But, this can be solved by carefully choosing the options during software installation. However, it has some drawbacks, like it does not have an advanced level drag and drop interface. 

Free FTP

It is a powerful and user-friendly FTP client for Windows users. It supports SFTP, FTP, and FTPS. It provides the folder and file permission. This software has the most organized interface that ensures you can get every update of your work and file transferring. You can pause or cancel file transferring at any moment. It has a convenient history feature for searching the files and a status bar for a quick status view. It can make the Zip Archives feature for the site backups. It has some flaws, like you must have to upgrade to the paid version to get access to additional options and features like a built-in code editor, Snippet library, preview function, and customizable syntax that works for JavaScript, ASP, HTML, Python, and many more. 


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