Best Flashlight Apps for Android

All people cannot carry heavy flashlights with them everywhere. Heavy flashlights are usually hard-to-handle, large, clunky, and maybe often mistaken for weapons. On the other hand, mini-flashlights may prove helpful, but these lights do not produce enough light to see distant objects in darkness.  Flashlight apps are one of the basic needs of today for all Android users. Such apps are a dying breed. First of all, Google started to add Flashlight in the Androids. As early as Lollipops have included them for far longer. 

These apps are useful for many reasons. You can use a flashlight to find your way around at night, to send signals, and to enjoy your favorite concert. But all flashlights apps that are used in Androids are not so good that they should be installed. Wait a moment, and you do not have to worry about finding the best flashlight apps for your smartphones. I have made a list for you that will help you to find the top class flashlights for your phones. The list is given below. 


The flashlight is a free flashlight app that offers you many features that most users would ever need. It is a jam-packed flashlight app and is one of the richest apps on the Google Play Store. It consists of various useful features without being overwhelmed. The app is the most unique and decent flashlight app. The most amazing feature of this app is that you have to shake your phone to turn on and off your phone’s flashlight. In short, you can say that it has an easy and quick on/off button. It is a high-powered flashlight that is best for your smartphone if you are an Android user. 

The app is an actual flashlight widget. It does not have any advertising. But, it is simple and basic if you are looking for a better flashlight experience. It offers useful functions from camping to dance parties. Flashlight app has no usual permissions. It means it does not require any strange permissions like your location or contacts. About this app, you can say that it is mostly a clean and easy-to-use experience. You can download it from Google Play Store, and it is free to download. 

Color Flashlight

This flashlight app is one of the most popular flashlight apps. It is another free flashlight app that has a lot of creative features. You can say that the app offers a metric ton of features. It is one of the top apps available on the Google Play Store for all Android users. You can strobe this flashlight app in many different patterns. You can also strobe it into many colors on the screen. The app also gives you the feature of custom effects. You can also get emergency effects from this app on your smartphones. 

Basically, it can do everything that you want from a flashlight app for your phones. As it has tons of features, but one bad thing about this app is that it is a bit overwhelming. A lot of features are specifically made for the on-screen flashlight. One of the worst things about this app is that it is tough to navigate all its features. The user interface of this app is sometimes a bit convoluted. I will recommend this app if anyone wants lots of unique and interesting features from a flashlight app on Android phones. 

Ruddy Rooster Flashlight

This flashlight by Ruddy Rooster is really one of our favorite flashlight apps that are used on Android phones. It is one of the most installed apps from the Google Play Store. You can rely on this app to navigate your way through the darkness. It may prove very useful to find items in darker rooms. The most amazing feature of this flashlight app is that it is careful with camera permissions. This is it’s the coolest feature. The app asks you for hardware control permissions. It is just for being able to control the LED flash to turn it off or on. 

The app does not require any other kind of permission to use it. This makes it an easy one to download. One more wonderful thing is that it asks for Network permission. This network permission is for third-party advertisements. It means we can say that there is advertising within this app. You can say that the ads come with this app. In this way, the owner makes money or profit from this app that is even free to download. The most noticeable thing is that it has different light source options, such as your screen, strobe, police, morse code, and warning light. 

Galaxy Flashlight

The app is another really popular flashlight in the list of the best flashlight apps for Android users. This useful app has approximately one million users. Therefore, it has become the most reliable tool on Google Play Store. This one is a little harder on the battery life of your phone. To get this flashlight app, you have to get a phone with a harder battery so that this app will work smoothly. This app has many features that are similar to the Flashlight App. 

Such as it offers to use a camera LED, and you can also use the screen. It has an immaculate design. You can also offer you to control the frequency by frequency controller. This flashlight app includes a flashlight widget. The app also works with a locked screen. In this app, there is also an included compass. The choices on this app are in between stable light, strobe, or flashing. It is one of the dedicated apps on smartphones. For downloading or installing purposes, you have to visit Google Play Store.

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