Best Fintech Companies in the World

Financial organizations and those offering back-office savings plans are embracing technology to provide financial solutions to their clients. Well, each of these companies offers different value propositions to their clients and that is why each of them has different success rates.

Closely, these providers also provide specific solutions to their unique clients. They have invested millions of dollars and hours in research to achieve the same. That is why these companies deserve recognition. Below are some of the best companies in the world.

  • Clyde

Clyde is a fintech company that focuses on purchases and helping organizations drive revenue. The provider also helps with clients’ loyalty tracking and insight provision. That way, the provider can track how they perform and the impact of their business decisions.

Fintech is focused on customer satisfaction and that’s why their clients benefit more. Today, the client is everything. And that is why you have to keep them in your plans.

Keeping a record of their feedback is important as well as reacting to their needs. That way, you will be able to maintain them even as you seek to attract more. Clyde has continued to provide working fintech solutions for the client.

  • Remitly

With the growth of the world into a global village, a need to unify these geo-blocks has arisen. Family members split as others move abroad for greener pastures. Staying in communication is an important thing for these families as well as financial support.

Remitly helps these families send money abroad and assist each other financially when need be. Money can be sent between different countries and that means the change of currency. Remitly allows senders to transact using the land’s currency and the recipient to receive the money in their local currency.

That means no need to go to bureaus for forex exchange. This explains the platform’s convenience. Time is also an important factor. Remitly allows for fast transactions. Therefore, the receiver can get the money on time.

They also offer passbooks for immigrants. Remitly is also an affordable provider and that means the receiver of the funds gets the highest amount possible. Besides, they do their conversions at fair forex exchange rates. 

  • Hudson River Trading

Engineering, science, technology, mathematics, and Physics are the disciplines behind this innovation. Thanks to this, the fintech company possesses the power to move securities through leading financial markets. This means massive financial gains for the provider and its clients.

As the portfolio grows, so do the benefits to the clients. The automated trading algorithms ensure the best returns possible. Besides, they keep improving their software so that the users get the best experience.

The company is based in Austin, TX, and operates worldwide. You can access their services through their website. The platform utilizes a scientific approach just to ensure that the returns are massive.

  • True Accord

Located in San Francisco, True Accord majors in debt collection and machine learning. The fintech company offers customer-friendly debt recovery solutions that also favor credit companies. That way, the organizations easily retain their clients and grow their profits.

Customers need reminders and proper engagement if you are to achieve profitable payback rates. That is why True Accord facilitates the use of SMS and push notifications to keep the clients on toes, but respectfully so.

When offering credits, the client should be allowed to choose dates that are comfortable with them. Still, they have to be tamed because absolute freedom will pave way for moral hazard. That may mean some loans would take longer to be repaid.

That is why True Accord tactfully offers clients convenient borrowing but within the guidelines of the provider. That way, sustainable profitable margins are maintained.

For blockchain enthusiasts and crypto lovers, this is a popular term. Coin base is a platform that gives users the power to manage their digital assets online. You can buy and sell the assets as well as invest in other assets. 

That means you can trade your digital assets on this platform and make profits. The reverse is true. If you don’t get it right, you risk losing your money to those who did it correctly. The risks are high and the returns are too.

With the headquarters in San Francisco, California this company in the blockchain industry is one of the most reliable in the business. Users get to enjoy gains and see their digital assets grow in value.

Online businesses have high risks. The volatility has pushed potential users to have skepticism towards such fintech companies. Well, Coin Base hasn’t been left out and has been on the receiving end as well. Regardless, the organization continues to grow as more people embrace blockchain technology.

  •   Optiver

Optiver has its headquarters located in Amsterdam. The investment company concentrates on market making. According to triple-entry accounting, the new role of accountants and some fintech companies would be market-making. Optiver has already embraced that and things are turning out just fine.

Users can easily buy and sell securities on this platform. They have done a good job in making individuals and organizations meet to buy and sell digital assets. Besides, Optiver helps to grow digital markets. That includes increasing liquidity ratios for clients and assets.

When a digital asset has more liquidity, the number of holders is likely to increase. That will likely be followed by the growth of the asset community. In return, the value of the asset will increase.


Fintech companies have been on the increase in the past few years. The organizations provide financial services that have seen clients world over benefit. Digital assets have since grown in value and more people embraced financial technology. The major challenge the fintech companies have faced is skepticism and bad publicity. 

Those that probably lost their money out of ignorance of inexperience go around spreading harmful information about these companies. The problem is that those who do not do their research well end up believing these lies. However, these fintech companies continue to relentlessly create and shape the future of finance.     

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