Best File Compression Software

We all are living in the age of science and technology. In this era, technology has been quickly fabricating the digital world. And it requires storage to reside somewhere. In our working life, storage issues are the biggest issues. The transmission of big files from one place to another can be troublesome when we share them over the internet.  File compression is used to transfer a file from one computer to another computer. The basic purpose of file compression is to allow the transfer of files over a limited bandwidth connection. 

The transmission of files over the internet may cause data loss. But with file compression software, you can transmit your data without any data loss issues. With this software, your files become smaller, and then the transmission of these files becomes faster than their normal speed. It can also directly share your files with multiple recipients without compression. It also performs encryption of files with passwords. Instead of getting in the pool of these file compression software, I have brought a list of the best compression files software. All these software are easy to use and highly flexible. 


WinZip is one of the oldest file compression software. It is one of the top class file compression software. It is a tool that is used for compressing and decompressing files without any data loss issues. This software enables you to zip large files to send them as an attachment to the email. It provides you the protection of your files. You will be free of tension about the privacy of your files. With this software, you can use a password to protect your zip files. The tool enables you to protect your files with high encryption. 

 It can be connected to Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, and many others. It offers you a highly responsive interface for different devices. It also gives you a backup feature to restore your suddenly lost files to avoid any trouble. The latest version of this software comes with a bunch of exciting features. These features are Address book management for instant sharing, Slack support, an image format converter, and enhanced UI. It also allows you to unzip all major and essential files formats such as cab, zip, RAR, zip tar, and many more. This software enables you to access and manage files on your system.   


7Zip is one of the most reputed software which is available for cost-free. This software comes with its own file compression format that is 7z. As well as it has wide support for approximately every format. It is a popular and open-source file compression software. It helps you to use the strong AES-256 encryption technique for the security of your files. It can be used for both business and commercial sectors. It also helps you to manage your files. This tool has a file manager to manage all your files effectively. This most reputed program can be used from the command line. Besides, you can also use it in many languages. 

This software can be used in more than 87 languages for its easy use. This software also uses LZMA and LZMA” for the compression of your files. LZMA stands for Lempel Zip Markov Chain Algorithm. You will be wondered by knowing this, that just a right-click will let the user extract, zip, or view what is inside the file that is to be compressed. This tool’s most amazing feature is that it can compress your huge files up to 16 billion gigabytes. In short, you can say that it is convenient to use and free of cost. 


WinRAR is another good choice for the compression of your files. It is another utility tool that is used by several people. This software is recommended for the compression of multimedia files. It automatically selects the best compression methods for the compression of your files.  While on the other hand, many other compression tools can only extract RAR files. But, WinRAR creates RAR files by itself. With its “solid archive” feature, you can compress batch files. WinRAR offers you to split archives into separate volumes and long filename support. 

It also helps you to compress your files easily and quickly. It also offers you full security for all your files. The software uses a 256-bit password for the protection of your files. It also enables you to save disk space and transmission costs. The tool has many integrated functions for the management of your compress archive. You can use it in many languages which you can understand easily. It offers you to use approximately 50 languages. This tool allows you the addition of text or comments to archives.

Hamster Zip Archiver

If you want a software for the compression of files that is easy to use and perform advanced compression operations, then Hamster Zip Archiver is ideal for you. It is free of cost file compression software that supports approximately all well-known formats. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy even for a noob to compress a file. It also offers you to share your files with all your friends. 

Its integration with cloud services like Google Drive Dropbox makes it popular amongst those who share compressed files. It helps you to open and compress all file types. It also offers you to use more than 40 languages. It can be used for home and office. It is free of cost for both uses. But, this software is available for only the Windows platform. It is easy to use compression software. It supports many formats, such as zip, deb, 7z, pkg, and many others. In short, you can say that it is a complete software in itself.

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