Best Download Managers for Windows

We are in 2020, and some people are still using their browsers to download files from the internet. In my opinion, such a type of activity is showing us the era of the stone age. However, it is all about priorities. Honestly, the process of downloading files from the internet using your browser is really clumsy and depressing. The slow speed of the browser and connection interruption annoys us. No matters if you have high-speed internet, your downloading process will be interrupted or broken. To avoid such situations, you should use a download manager. 

In my list, a good download manager is not the only one that only speeds up your downloading process. But the one that can allow you to pause or resume the downloading process. It should allow you to download multiple files at a time. It would be best if you were allowed to set the priority downloads. So, it is the need to use a good download manager. I am here with the list of the best download managers for Windows. 

Internet Download Manager

It is one of the most popular internet download managers known by almost every one of us. It is no doubt the best of its kind. People have been using it for years, and there is no case of disappointment. It allows you to download large-sized files without any hurdle, and you can get the progress report by looking at the bar. It gives information about the category and its location of file saving. 

It helps you to download multiple files in parallel. As you know, it has various features. These features include the ability to pause and resume downloads, faster download speed, and many more. This download manager supports popular video hosting websites. It also offers you a huge library of plugins.

IDM also supports proxy services, HTTP, FTP protocols, and many other things. It supports firewalls, redirects, authorization, audio, and video content processing, among other things. You will get a surprise when you come to know about this feature of the internet download manager. You will get surprised by the accuracy with which this download manager intercepts all download links. All these links will help you download the files fully conveniently rather than using the browser’s “built-in Downloader”. 

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is still another open-source download manager for Windows. It is a powerful download manager. Like other download managers on my list, it helps you increase download speed by splitting all downloading files into many different parts. And then it downloads these parts simultaneously. It offers you to pause and resume the downloads even when any download is interrupted abruptly. 

One of the wonderful features of this download manager is its support for all torrent files. These torrent files come in really handy at times. The most impressive feature of it is its bandwidth management features, which allow you to allocate bandwidth for downloads. It is also one of the best looking download managers on my list. It has a smart file management and scheduler system. With this app’s help, you can organize all the files that are downloaded by their type. 

In this way, all your files will be organized before they are downloaded. All your videos, games, and downloaded files are sent to their folders due to this feature. It is totally free to use without the problems of ads. I think if you are looking for the best download manager, it is the best option. 

Ninja Download Manager

It is one of my favorite download managers for all Windows users. It is probably the best looking download manager in my list of download managers for you. It is one of the newest download managers in the markets. This download manager supports multiple file downloads in parallel. 

It has many other features such as pausing and resuming downloads, scheduling downloads, multiple downloads, and many others. It also has the ability to queue downloads.

 The most important feature of this download manager is its sequential downloads feature, making sure that your files are downloaded from start to end. It also allows you to preview your files even before their completion. It also offers you to check the quality of the files that you are going to download. It tells you about the files’ quality, whether they are good or not, before wasting your precious time and data on downloading that file. I recommend you to download this download manager for Windows. 

Xtreme Download Manager

The Xtreme download manager is perhaps the best choice for you if you are among all these people who download many videos and movies from the internet. It is one of the oldest download managers. Xtreme download manager supports downloads from many video streaming platforms such as Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook, and many other websites. If you compare this download manager with other download managers on the list, you will come to know that it works with all types of files.

This download manager’s most impressive feature is its ability to download the whole playlists from YouTube without having to input links for every video. It also offers you to pause and resume downloads. This download manager allows you to schedule the time of all downloads by using the built-in smart scheduler. 

The speed limiter in this manager helps you in managing bandwidth allocation. It is also supported for proxy servers, authentication algorithms, and many others. It is a powerful download manager, and it really deserves a place in this list of the best download managers for Windows. This download manager seamlessly integrates with Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and many others. 

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