Best Download Managers for Android

Download managers are a blessing for all folks who are concerned with downloading files. It is the best way that allows you to download files and also helps you to know how the file was downloaded? So, it is getting control over the stock android. Slow downloading speed and restriction to download multiple files are certain issues faced by old version android users. However, the people with the latest android version do not face such issues. The stock android allows you to single file at a time. 

Slow speed is everything that annoys everyone easily. So, download managers are here to help you out. They allow you to download files at a fast speed by slowing down the other processes. However, some issues are also linked with download managers. They can cause errors in downloading the files, the downloading files disappear, and it may stop working. 

You can get countless download managers that are available in the market. Different download managers have different features. Some of them allow you to download multiple files, and some are speed boosters. However, some of them are just fake, spam, and have a lot of bugs. Now the question is how one can get the best download manager for androids? To know about it, you are in the right place. 

In this article, I have compiled the best download managers for androids. I hope you will get one of your choices. 

Loader Droid

It is one of the older and excellent Android download managers. The UI is a little bit old fashioned when you look at it, but it provides all the required information. It automatically starts to download the files when you switch on data or connect to the internet. It is far better than the stock Android download manager. It not only allows you to download any but also increases the speed of downloading. You can have complete control over the downloading files. You can pause them or resume them. 

There are many other helpful features of this download manager. It automatically replaces the links when their time is out. You can specify data selection preference, either Wi-Fi or 4G, for downloading the files. But, there is a huge drawback that it has not been updated since 2014. Use it at your own risk. However, you have to use the minimum operating system requirement of Android 2.3. For additional options and features, you can go for the in-app purchase. 

Advanced Download Manager

The advanced download manager is one of the most powerful and popular download managers for Android operating systems. The integrated stock download manager of Androids allows you to download a single file at a time. With the help of this custom download manager, you can download multiple files at a time. There is an increase in productivity with the help of this download manager. 

It has the ability to enhance the speed of your download at an intense speed. The speed of downloading is increased up to nine times. So, you can get an idea about the performance of this download manager. This download manager has plenty of functional features, excellent UI, and supports all types of things relevant to the downloading.  It has custom support for all of the popular web browsers like Firefox and Chrome. But, these browsers must be integrated with your phone. One can enjoy plenty of features. It supports SD cards, multiple file downloading, supports large size of files, and speed enhancement. It is free of ads and user-friendly. 

Turbo Download Manager

Turbo download manager is one of the excellent download managers that helps to increase the speed of downloading. It specifically works for folks that have low bandwidth. In this case, it works by increasing the download speed. It supports different web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and many others. If you do not like these browsers, you can enjoy the built-in web browser of these download managers. Turbo download manager can speed up the downloading of files by utilizing multiple connections. 

There is a built-in performance setting to boost up the downloading speed. It is a download manager that has the ability to pause and resume the downloading files. It can also help you to download the remote files. It is undoubtedly the best multi-threading download manager that helps grab videos, audio, and images. It also helps you to boost the speed of downloading files, even on a low network. Turbo download manager has the built-in M3U8 parser and lives streams downloader with an integrated AES-128 decryption support option. It also supports the API for external access. 

Download Accelerator Plus

It is another excellent option for downloading the files at increased speed. You can say that it is the modern solution for Android users. It aims to provide a cleanup function and an advanced user interface. It has an integrated built-in browser that helps you to download multiple files. It also helps you to download all the required files straight to the micro SD cards. If you bear any file interruption for the downloading of files, you can auto-resume the interrupted files. 

If you want to back up your downloading files or downloaded files, you have to log in to your Google account. In case of any issue, you can back up your data quickly. There is an option in the setting that lets you select the maximum speed option, and you can enjoy the fastest downloading speed. It is free of cost, but you have to bear the ads. But, if you want to remove the ads, you can get an in-app purchase option. Well, if you have a busy routine, there are built-in scheduled downloading options. 

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