Best Document Scanner Apps for Android

Android phones are an important part of our lives. Now they are replacing the big size printers to scan documents. We all need to digitize the documents for different purposes. Android phones have good camera lenses so; we can get high quality scanned documents. Apart from this, scanning a PDF file is much easier as compared to do with the help of a desktop.

In this article, I will tell you about the top 10 document scanner apps for Android.

Office lens

Office lens is one of the high-quality document scanner apps that is developed by the famous company Microsoft. It is useful for scanning the documents and other whiteboard photos. By using this app, you can convert documents to any file like PowerPoint file, Word file, or PDF file. It is linked with One Drive, One Note, and your mobile storage. So, these scanned files are automatically saved into any option. It is a multi-language app so; you can select one according to your choice. It works effectively for both business and educational purposes.

Photo Scan By Google Photos

Provided by google and one of the best quality document scanners available. Edge detection and scan quality are very good.  You will get it as an inbuilt option of google drive for scanning the documents. You can enjoy this function free of cost.  When you scan any document, it is automatically saved to your Google drive. You can crop your image, enhance image quality, and change the color of images by this app. To get this option from your Google photos app, check the inbuilt app and you can find all new options.

Adobe Scan

It is the most popular scanner app that allows you to scan receipts, notes, forms, documents, and photos to PDF format files. It is a user-friendly app that includes all the app that you need to scan documents. For scanning the document, you just have to focus the document and your phone’s camera will automatically scan the documents. You can also do the color-correction of any page. There is also a built-in OCR that allows you to reuse the scanned documents when you need to. You are going to have all the features in this single app.

Cam Scanner

Cam Scanner is the most popular scanner app for all the Android phones with almost 100 million downloads. It has a long list of features to scan invoices, receipts, note images, and other documents. After this, you can convert them into JPEG and PDF format files. You can save the files and store them in the folders. There is another option that allows you to share it via social media. For security purposes, you can also set the passcode for the files. It is also OCR that is a supported app.

Clear Scan

It is the best document scanner app that allows you to scan all types of documents at the spot by using your Android phone. You have two options for converting these files into the final format. Either you can convert the file into JPEG format or PDF format. It does not slow down the performance of your phone and easy to use the app. You can many other features of this excellent app. The scanned images are saved to your gallery. It is linked with Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, and Cloud.

Tiny Scanner

It is one of the popular apps that promise to provide the standard features to all Android users. It is very easy to use. You don’t have to log in to this app. It allows you to use it directly. So, it is very easy to scan reports, receipts, documents, and all other required files. You can convert the files into PDF format. It supports the cloud storage options and you can print the files whenever you need it. For security purposes, you can enjoy the passcode function.


It is popular among all the users who are concerned with scanning books and notes. This app aims to provide the scanned documents into a high-quality format. You can set the timer to take the best quality images and if you want to turn the page, there is enough time. So, it is a useful app with an automatic shutter option that allows fast scanning of documents. All the pages of any book and documents are compiled into a single PDF file. There is an inbuilt OCR option but it is limited up to 100 pictures per day.

Fast Scanner

It is another excellent document scanning app. It provides all the typical features that are needed to scan any document in high quality. After scanning, you can convert the images into JPEG or PDF format. You are allowed to do the multiple edits to all documents. It is linked to Cloud storage. It is an efficient app that is optimized to run fast. It allows you to add or delete the pages within your scanned files.

Smart Doc Scanner

It is the best document scanning app that covers all the features that are required to scan any document. The OCR support allows users to read the text from all the scanned images. You can change almost 40 languages. Moreover, it is an efficient app that provides a spell check feature. It is the only app until now that allows you to convert the images into different formats like BMP, PNG, JPEG, WebP, and GIP. It is linked with different cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. It is a lightweight app and has nothing to do with the processing of the mobile.


It is an excellent app that is full of features. You can get the free version as well as the paid version with advanced features. It helps you to scan the documents in high-quality images. You can convert that image into JPEG format or PDF format. It is integrated with cloud storage, including Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive. So, it allows you to print the documents whenever you need them. It is a very fast app.

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