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Everything today is embracing technology. Dating too has taken this direction. Those desperately looking for soulmates are going online to find partners.

But this too is not the best way out as some sites are full of fraudsters. On the other hand, some sites offer perfect solutions for their visitors. Which sites are those? And what makes them ideal for those looking for love? We’re just about to find out.

But first, let’s analyze a few of these sites and their strengths. We will also look into some of their weaknesses and compare the ones that stand out.

  • Tagged

You’ll probably find this app on most of the youth’s phones. Tagged is a popular dating site and offers opportunities for those looking for love to find one.

The app has both free and paid plans. Free plans offer limitations and basic access to those looking for love like you. The paid plans allow for advanced features.

That means you can get more people to interact with using the paid plans. The only challenge with the app is that many people out there are trying to swindle others.

That is why you have to be keen not to fall into their traps. Otherwise, the application offers great opportunities to find love. If you get your act right, be sure to land yourself a match.

  • Tinder

This is another popular dating application. If you like a profile on this app, you swipe right. They will do the same if they like yours. If you match, you can go ahead and plan dates.

If you do not like a request or profile, you have the will to swipe left. The simplicity in finding lovers here makes it easier than real-life socialization in social spaces.

Most lovers with interesting love stories attribute their relationship success to the app. They claim that the app was the genesis of their success.

Some had given up hope on relationships. But the application gave them hope again. It gave them a platform to relive love again and enjoy the good times the right people bring with them.

  • Badoo

Badoo is another popular dating site. The platform promises singles looking for love great partners. The app uses a special algorithm to match potential lovers.

Sometimes, you get a match based on your celebrity crush and other factors. Of course, you have to get it right with the details you provide when signing up. That information will determine whether you get what you want or not.

Besides, the chances of getting the right match increase the more you provide truthful information. If you lie about your details, you may get the date you want in the end but that relationship may not go far because you chose to lie.

Also available is the option of finding friends. You have a chance to decide whether you’re on the app for friendship, dating, or just chatting. That will help you get the right partner for you to meet your goals.

  • OkCupid

There are many people married people in the world today whose love journey started on this app. The platform is responsible for many serious relationships happening today. It’s an ideal app with reduced numbers of catfishes.

The app uses a certain algorithm to calculate compatibility between partners. That means the more serious you are with your matches, the higher the likelihood of getting other serious matches.

This means playing around with others’ emotions will land you in trouble. You may not realize but in the end, you will notice your ability to find matches on the app will go down tremendously. You may have to struggle henceforth to get a partner on the platform.

  • Bumble

While Tinder has made a name for hookups, this one is believed to make more genuine and serious matches. You will easily get a date on Tinder, but this one can get you dates more willing to take it to the next level.

That is why Bumble is also a popular app. It has made a name for matching more serious people. You will start with the dates, but chances of moving to the next level are higher on this application compared to others like Tinder.

Besides, potential partners on this platform do not mind whether real love should start on the internet or not. They come here genuinely to search for love. If you find one of those, and they match your wish, you should be genuine as well. The ability to be genuine all through will see you land successful dates on this platform.

  • EliteSingles

This is another popular dating app. A lot determines whether a relationship will be successful or not. One of those is the intelligence of the partners.

Well, the elite wants to mingle with their equals. The EliteSingles is a fine platform for career people. Those leading elite lives get a chance to meet fellow elites looking for love.

The platform also charges quite an amount in the subscription. That means those not dedicated enough to the course will be locked out. The fee means, you will pursue what took you to the app with purpose. The goal of this is to get value for money.

That is why you won’t allow anyone to waste your time, nor will you. You will stay focused on your goal of getting the love of your life. As such, the app remains genuine and authentic as subscribers are not only authentic but also focused.

  • ChristianMingle

Just like the name suggests, this is a good app for those Christians who’re single and looking for love. It can be a hard task to find a mate with whom you share religious doctrines.

This is a platform for Christians and that makes it easy for them to settle fast. When taking things to the next level, it is harder when both of you believe in different things.

The more things you share in common the more likely your relationship will blossom. Religion can divide or unite. When you have similar beliefs, it can be a unifying factor. The reverse is true. You’ll end up divided if you believe in different things.

ChristianMingle as an app reduces these differences to some extent. Those here are believed to be Christians and that means more successful dates. There are no guarantees but the app has made a name and cut a niche as one popular platform for Christians.



Dating today has taken a different route than before. Initially, people would use social media platforms to look for love. Facebook and WhatsApp groups were popular hunting grounds and still are. But with the rise of dating apps, those seriously looking for love are rushing to those platforms to look for love.

With time, these apps continue to make names for themselves. The above are some of the most popular dating apps today.

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