Best Data Recovery Softwares for Mac

Data recovery software is the biggest fear of all of us. We hope that we never use them. Unfortunately, some situations can lead to data loss. So, you have to avail yourself of this data recovery software. Data is the common problem of every third person that can cause serious business and personal loss. Some of the lost files are not only the most important ones for us, but they also have an emotional attachment. In this case, data loss causes irreparable loss to us. After this ongoing situation, we rush towards the data recovery process. 

There is a lot of data recovery software in the market. Some of them promise you to recover each lost file. But, it is my personal experience that they will either recover images or the images of videos. You are unable to recover the videos by that software. I have gone through a similar situation. Therefore, I researched a lot about the best data recovery software. I am here with the list of top data recovery software. I hope you will get one of your choices and will successfully recover all the lost files. 

PhotoRec Recovery Software for Mac

It is an open-source and free data recovery software that has the ability to recover very simply to peripheral views. It has the ability to recognize and recover different types of files like MP3 audio files, JPEG images, Microsoft Office files, Open Documents, ZIP archives, and PDF document files. It works efficiently on the Mac operating system. However, it can also work with other operating systems, including open BSD, Net BSD, Free BSD, Linux, Windows, and OS X. According to different views, it is not a powerful software, but the main advantage is that it is open-source. It means that you can get access to applications as well as the source code. 

You can recover the data files using hard disks, USB flash, and digital camera memory cards. 

This data recovery software uses the file carving method to recover data loss. We can understand this process in two major steps. In the very first step, it looks for the cluster size of files and data blocks. If it doesn’t find any file system corrupted, it obtains information from the volume boot record or superblock. After this, the software reads the clusters and blocks to get the information from the database in the second step. It then assembles the files according to different file signatures available in the database. 

TestDisk for Mac

TestDisk for Mac is excellent free software for data recovery. If you are a Mac owner, it is the best option to choose to recover your files. It is one of the simplest and easiest data recovery software that has a straightforward interface. The beginners can use it without feeling any hesitation. They lack a graphical interface, and it is the thing that makes this software easier to use as compared to others. It works efficiently by using powerful algorithms. 

TestDisk provides support for all types of files that you ever have on your Mac. Moreover, it is a mature data recovery choice for you. It gives an excellent data recovery result. Be aware of its command-line interface that can bother you if you use it for the first time. 

Disk Drill Data Recovery for Mac

It is one of the most rated and powerful data recovery software for the Mac. It is the easiest software to use that supports more than 300 file formats. It also allows you to scan your iOS device to scan for the data. With this software, you can get free access to many other tools like Data Protection, Duplicate Finder, Mac Cleanup, Disk Health, and Data Backup. Its main focus is to organize the files into categories and protect them from sudden data loss. It is the most accessible software because of its one-click approach to data recovery.

 It takes one click to start the recovery process and gives the whole data recovery in your hands. It recovers the data by using two techniques that are Deep Scan and Quick scan. Choosing the deep scan process takes much more time because it scans each file on your hard disk. However, the quick scan option completes the results in seconds but ignores many files. So, it will help you to save a lot of money. It also provides a free recovery evaluation and makes it easier to get all your files within a second. 

MiniTool Power Data Recovery for Mac

It is an excellent data recovery software that helps you recover videos, images, music, documents, emails, and other types of files. This is the ultimate recovery software that uses many processes to recover the data. First of all, Undelete Recovery helps you to recover the lost data within seconds. It is the best way for all the accidentally deleted files. The lost partition recovery process helps to recover the data from the deleted partitions. So, it mainly works to find all those files. 

You can also go to damaged partition recovery that recovers data from existing partitions. If your data is lost from portable storage devices, you can use the option of digital media recovery if you want to get a free edition of this software that is only available on Mac computers that have a restoration capacity of 1 MB. So, now you can get an idea of why it is called so? In my opinion, MiniTool Power Data Recovery for Mac software is a good choice for the data that is lost accidentally. 

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