Best Cleaner Tools for Windows

Nowadays, a computer is a basic need for everyone. It is important for students as well as working people. Nothing can beat a new PC which works very quickly and easily. And this is due to its clean slate. But, as time passes, it accumulates all types of junk files. And malware starts to creep in. There are a lot of other issues too, which can affect the working speed of your computer.

But these problems with your computers can be solved by using cleaner tools. PC optimization helps you to increase the life of your computer. These apps are used to prevent viruses, malware from infecting your important data. It is useful in enhancing your computer speed. It is also very effective in increasing your business productivity. Optimizing helps remove unwanted images, files, videos, and audios from your computer system. Many windows cleaner tools are often questioned because these apps are proven to be bad fishes in a clean sea. Therefore, to solve this problem, I have brought a list of top windows cleaner tools.


CCleaner is probably one of the best windows cleaner apps around the world. It is an app that is used to clean and speed up your computer. This tool will help you erase tracking cookies and history to protect it from others and protect your privacy. It offers you to clean your PC according to a schedule. It allows you to perform real-time monitoring. CCleaner provides you automatic updates. To optimize mobiles, this tool supports Android devices. 

It has a lot of features, and you can optimize it in a way you see fit. The app is completely free of cost. It would help if you believed that it is a trustworthy tool. You can exclude specific folders from the cleanup process. It is very well designed. This app will help you to remove unimportant files and data.  It provides you stability by cleaning errors. Whenever you install this app, it offers you to use desktop shortcuts and attach it to the recycle bin. You can use it simply by right click on the bin and click open the CCleaner app. And then you will definitely notice a difference in the performance of your window. It is the best app for keeping your privacy among many people.

 Advanced system optimizer

Advanced system optimizer is another nice PC cleaner. This tool has all utilities for optimization, speed up, memory management, etc. It is a very powerful cleanup and optimization software for Windows. The app helps you to clean your drive and runs your PC very quickly. The app is handy in loading your files fastly. It helps you to reduce system crashes.

This tool protects your computer from viruses, malware, and many other harmful things. It offers you to keep your sensitive data safe from others. You should update the necessary driver on your computer enough faster than its normal speed. The app provides features like System Protector, Privacy Protector, Secure Protector, and Secure Delete to improve the security system.

If you want to back up and recover your files, this tool provides functionalities like undelete files, Backup Manager, System Files Backup and Restore, etc. The app tries to install extra software during the setup process of your computer.

Advanced System Care

Advanced system care is free software that helps you clean, optimize, speed up, and secure your Windows. It helps you to fix the registry and clean malware. The app supports the Windows operating system. This tool has a larger database driver. And one more thing is that it can update approximately more than 3000000 drivers. This tool has tons of features for protecting browsers and emails, securing your Windows system from viruses. 

It also offers you to speed up your PC and startup by using this app. This software helps you free up your disk space by cleaning junk files from your Windows. With this program’s help, you can keep your contacts, block untrusted programs, and local email information secure. This optimizer offers you to check outdated system drivers and optimize RAM usage. The app can shut down your PC at a specified time. It displays a desktop widget with real-time data on RAM and CPU usage. Easily, you can say that it is a complete app in itself for all Windows users.

Clean my PC

Clean my PC is a very effective cleaning service for all Windows users. It has an easy to use interface. It provides you high customer satisfaction. It helps you to repair, clean, and optimize your registry. The app eliminates errors and crashes and brings your computer back to running smoothly and effectively. It gives you utilities such as startup manager, uninstaller, computer cleaner, and many more. All these things are offered in just one platform, which is very convenient to use. It also offers a browser extension manager, privacy cleaning, and many other things to delete data securely. 

The most amazing feature of this app is that it is available in more than 19 languages. These languages are Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, and more. It will definitely help you to clean your system from top to bottom. This tool makes your PC as effective as possible. The best that you have to know about this tool is that if you have installed it once, it will clean all the residues that occur whenever you install an app. It permanently cuts down on unnecessary extensions and removes files so that they cannot be retrieved again, and helps you protect your online privacy.

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