Best Cleaner Apps for Android

If you feel that your phone is low on memory or it is slowing down, you should clean it. The cleaning of the Android phones will enhance its performance and make space. It not only makes your phone work faster also removes all the junk data from it. So, the Cleaner app is the best option to clear the junk, clean RAM, and remove app cache. In this article, I will tell you about the top 10 Cleaner apps for android.

Power Clean

Power cleaner is the best cleaner app that is compatible with your phone as it is a lightweight and fast app. It works by removing all the junk files, recover the space, and enhance the speed of the phone. It has the advanced options that clean the app cache and clean junks with one tap. It not only makes the memory space also optimize the storage. It also removes the uninstalled APK files from your device. Hence, at the end of the cleaning, you get the phone in an optimized state.

Cleaner for Android

It is the best Ad-free cleaner app for Android devices. It cleans the residual files, removes caches, and speed up your device. With all these options, it also optimizes battery life. It has an integrated feature that deletes the duplicate files and make the space in your Android. This leaner app makes your gaming experience excellent because it clears the RAM. There is a hidden module that allows you to view, rename, and archive the hidden files. You can also set the scheduled clean on your device by this app.

Cache Cleaner- DU Speed Booster

It is the perfect booster and cleaner app for all Android devices. Apart from this, it provides anti-virus features. So, you are going to have so many options in one cleaner app. It is the best solution to your Android performance. It works by cleaning all the extra background tasks. In this way, it optimizes the Ram and boosts the speed of your device. It scans all the new apps, already installed apps, and SD card storage. It also works as a network booster as it speeds up the download speed and checks Wi-Fi security.


Cleaner app is one of the best cleaner apps that allows you to remove the cache, browse safely, and clean RAM. It helps the user to remove unwanted files and applications with just one click. It can clean the browsing history, download folders, and many more. It also removes the residual files of the installed apps. Moreover, it also helps you to keep an eye on which app is using your data? It also helps you to spot which app is wasting your mobile battery. It stops the apps running in the background until you open those apps again.

Go Speed

It is an excellent app that cleans your device by clearing the residual file and making memory space. Background processing slows down the phone speed and drains out the battery. So, first of all, it closes the background unwanted apps. It has a black hole booster that resists the auto-start apps. You can also get the security benefits as it Applock features. So, if you want to remove the pre-installed apps, you can do it with just one tap. It also provides a backup for the data and automatically delete the rarely used apps.

Clean Master

Clean Master is the best app that provides cleaner and antivirus options in one place. It is the space cleaner that removes all the residual files and cache files. The performance of Android phones gets lower when RAM is heavy. Clean master specifically cleans the RAM to speed up the phone. It scans all the installed apps, to check them out for blocking and removing all virus threats. Moreover, there is a photo vault where you can secure your images.


Norton is the best app cleaner for all those people who are tired of apps that start on their own. All those people who do not have time to clean their phones. So, this app will help you to optimize the phone and clean it to make some space. It also removes all the apps that have spyware, malware, and other security threats. It boosts the speed by deleting unwanted files.

Ace Cleaner

It is one of the most powerful memories cleaner app for Androids. Ace Cleaner maximizes the speed of your phone. So, its main focus is on removing the junk and residual files from the phone. It removes all junk files, RAM junk, Unwanted Apps, and App’s Cache. It also allows users to manage notifications with just one tap. This is the best cleaner that automatically deletes all the duplicate photos from your device and speeds up it.

360° Booster and Cleaner

It is the best app for clearing all the apps that heat up your device. It is the multipurpose tool that is RAM booster, speed booster, and battery saver. It boosts the speed of all games and apps in your Android. If you want to get rid of any unwanted app, you can do it with the help of this cleaner app. It also augments the battery charging. It keeps the temperature of the phone low during the cleaning process.

AVG Cleaner

It is an excellent phone cleaner app that has a simple interface and phone optimization features. It provides complete detail of the phone situation on the dashboard. It speeds up your phone by removing all the unwanted files, apps, and cache. In this way, it stables the RAM and makes space on it. It has the app lock feature, that is very well for sensitive apps. We all notice that our games slow down with time. This app cleaner has the gamer booster feature, that improves the performance of all the games on your phone. It has a beautiful design. This app is lightweight and does not take too much space on your phone.

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