Best Budget Laptops for Students

As a student, every dollar counts. For those without a steady income source, perhaps parents and well-wishers are the sources of their income. That means, depending on somebody’s mercy to make money. In such a situation, you never know when your next token will get to you. that is why budgeting is key. A laptop is a fundamental need when on campus. Finding affordable yet quality personal computers can be a daunting task sometimes. For that reason, I have prepared you a list of laptops you can work well with within 2020, yet their prices are not exploitive.

Lenovo Chromebook Duet

When it comes to costs and convenience, Lenovo Chromebook Duet comes to mind. The laptop is very affordable and easy to use. Its relatively small size makes it easy to move around with. It is also hard enough to withstand random movements and, at the same time, last long.

Value for money is what many cost-sensitive buyers look out for. When you buy a laptop, you want its battery to last longer and the pc itself to last you as many days as possible. This laptop keeps the charge for close to 11 hours. That means you can spend the whole day working on it without any worry about the machine going off.

The best thing about this laptop is the price, but, like any other machine, it has its own challenges. One shortcoming is the presence of a single port. That means you cannot externally connect as many devices as you would wish – just one at a time. Another disadvantage is the laptop is not as strong as you would want to perform multiple tasks. The last shortcoming shouldn’t be an issue if you are purchasing the laptop for simple classwork tasks. Other features include 128 GB storage and 4GB RAM.

Lenovo Yoga C640

This is another fine and affordable Lenovo pc. The best thing is the laptop is cheap and gives the full value at the same time. The speed is fine to your liking, and the productivity levels of the laptop are considerably high. That’s not all; you also get a laptop with long battery life.

Addition benefits of this laptop include its portability and convertibility. However, this is not the best laptop for you if you love gaming. With 128 GB storage, you have 8GB RAM, although the pc uses Core i3. The good thing is the SSD usage instead of HDD.

Acer Aspire 5

Many reviewers argue this is the finest laptop you can get at an affordable price. Weighing just slightly below 4 pounds, the laptop has a storage of 128 GB SSD. Besides, you get a 4GD random access memory. The pc is sized 14.3 by 9.9 by 0.7 inches. A fair size for the same weight. (Tabari, 2020)

The 15-inch laptop offers a strong performance as well as a lasting battery. Besides, you love the brightness with which the laptop displays images. The laptop has several ports, giving you options to connect as many external devices as it can allow. This means the easy transfer of files. It also makes working on the machine easy and enjoyable.

HP Stream 11

HP is also affordable and quality laptops for students. The HP Stream 11 has been touted as the cheapest laptop you can acquire from Windows. On Amazon, you’ll find the device retailing at very competitive devices for your liking. The price is not the only thing you’ll like about this laptop.

Other fine features about HP Stream 11 include a considerably large display. However, the size of the machine is comparably smaller than the Acer Aspire 5. The laptop lets you enjoy 4GB RAM and 32 GB eMMC storage. The laptop weighs 2.5 pounds. The battery life is wonderful as well as the cost. Generally, the laptop performs extremely well. One disadvantage of this laptop is its unimpressive webcam. That is understandable as there’s no human-made device that’s flawless. Furthermore, as a student, you don’t always need a webcam, unlike those on employment. Therefore, this is something you can work with without feeling shortchanged.

HP Chromebook x2

This is a high-resolution laptop with a fine typing encounter for the user. The affordable and recommendable two-in-one laptop has a long battery life and one of the best convertibles you’ll find around. Besides its low price, the quality is high in general, and you’ll enjoy working with it. Normally, the best laptops for school work are those with enough storage and high portability, among other qualities. This one has all of those except that it is relatively heavier than most other two in one laptop. Another disadvantage is it’s slow.

Samsung Chromebook 4

This Samsung device also offers 32 GB eMMC memory and a 4GB RAM space to do your school work. Most affordable laptops have space within this range, making this laptop a hot deal. The battery is long-lasting, which means you don’t always have to be at the socket you refill your charge. On top of that, the laptop generally performs well with no downtimes.

Compared with other machines in the same category, this Samsung machine is lighter in weight and has a lesser thickness making it more convenient to carry around. That adds to its portability and makes it a fine option for a student looking for a high performing but an affordable laptop in 2020.



The economy gets worse by day, and everyone wants to spend the least for the most there can be found. Especially for students, since you have no steady income, you want to spend the least amount on meeting your budget. That way, you don’t have to suffer in the future for overspending. We have prepared a list of top budget laptops for students in 2020. The laptops come with more benefits than just affordability. 

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