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With the rise and spread of modern technology, mobile phones have grown from portable communication devices to be an essential part of modern human behavior. When you go outside, everyone is looking down at their devices. There’s a 70% chance that you’re reading this on your mobile device even right now.

This spread is mostly due to the fact that mobile phones, now called smartphones, have a variety of functions. From making simple calls to managing social media pages for million-dollar companies, the uses of a mobile phone are seemingly endless. Because of this spread, people find ways to replace manual activities and make them easier and ‘smarter’. Audiobooks are one of such advancements. An audiobook is simply a book read out in a simple to understand manner in an audio file. These audio files are called audiobooks and are becoming more widespread.

Audiobooks are slowly replacing paper and text and may just very well become as big as their physical counterparts. Audiobooks, however, are rather difficult to find, but with this article, you won’t have that problem. Right here, there’s a list of some of the best android apps to get your audiobooks from. Now you can rest easy and play your books hands-free.

Google Play Books

On the same day of its release, Google Play Books was updated with audiobook support. This was obviously a great move because the app has grown to become a hub for a huge variety of audiobooks. This app exists in the Google ecosystem, and as such, it syncs across all devices that you have connected to your Google account, for instance, another Android device or the web browser. This means you can listen to your audiobooks with your laptop and other devices. This also means that all your bookmarks are synced, so you always resume from where you stopped. Google play books download the audiobook to listen to it when you are offline, without using your cellular data.

Download from the Google Play Store now


LibriVox is an Android audiobook app that gets its audiobooks from LibriVox, a volunteer-powered service that offers free audiobook versions of classic books that entered the public domain in the US. This app currently gives its users up to 24,000 free classic audiobooks. You also gain access to over 75,000 paid audiobooks for users in the United States, including new releases and bestsellers. The app uses your phone’s Bluetooth connection so you can easily connect your Bluetooth-enabled speaker or headphones.

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Libby is a modern app that lets you borrow eBooks from libraries. As we all know, libraries aren’t left behind in the technology wave, as most libraries now have eBook sections. You can use Libby to borrow Audiobooks from Libraries around you with a designated library card. Libby is a simple, enjoyable, and completely legal way to listen to audiobooks for free.

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 Audio Books 

Audiobooks are the official app for, an audiobook service that gives free titles and paid bestsellers access. This app gives its users over 7,000 audiobooks that can be downloaded easily. Its premium catalog contains over 100,000 audiobooks and is expanding every week. This app gives you quality sound with useful options like narration speed and chats service with customer service from within the app. Audiobooks also let you create bookmarks and make notes.

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Audible is one of the largest and most advanced audiobook services globally, offering exclusive titles, audio shows, and book series. The audiobook is a world-renowned service, and its official app doesn’t disappoint. The Audible app is free and doesn’t have any ads. On top of that, it has a sync option so you can read across all of your devices when you’re away from your phone. Audible gives users top of the line audio quality without interruptions. It also lets you adjust the narration speed and lets you quickly move forward or backward.

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Oodles gets you over 50,000 eBooks and 15,000 audiobooks from the public domain. While newer books take time to get uploaded, this app gives you all of the classics for lots of great authors like; Jane Austen, Mark Twain, or Victor Hugo. 

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Smart Audiobook Player

Smart Audiobook Player is a DRM-free app that lets you play a wide range of audiobook files. Unfortunately, this app doesn’t provide you with audiobooks. It does, however, allow you to play audiobooks that are already in your library. With a host of useful features like variable playback speed, bookmarking, an audio equalizer, and some basic collection management features, this app is undoubtedly a handy tool for people who listen to audiobooks.

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Listen Audiobook Player

Formerly known as Akimbo, Listen Audiobook player is an ad-free player that includes various configurations like variable playback speed, a built-in equalizer, sleep timer, embedded chapter support, bookmarks, lock screen controls, and widgets. It also has a sync feature so you can keep listening across all your devices.

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Nook Audiobooks

Nook is an audiobook app from Barnes & Noble that offers a store library of more than 50,000 titles across various genres. Nook lets you download and listen to various audiobooks from great authors at your leisure.  

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Kindle for Android

Kindle is a popular app for reading eBooks and has a section dedicated to audiobooks. Kindle lets you get books in both text and audio format so you can read or listen when it suits you. With kindle, you can easily swap between reading and listening with just a few taps. Kindle syncs across your devices, so you don’t have to worry about remembering where you stopped last.

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