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Smartphones are the basic need of almost every person without the distinction of age group. Nowadays, most people have all the secrets and personal agendas in their smartphones. That’s why privacy is the priority of every smartphone owner. So. there must be an authentic and secure app for the lock. Data protection is a basic step for privacy. Sometimes, you may have to share your phone. Maybe some of them may ask it for a call or any other purpose. So, to overcome this situation you need some apps that will lock your important apps. In this article, I will tell you about the Top 10 App Locks for Android. All these apps are easily available on the google play store. 

Norton App Lock

Norton as the big name when you think of the antivirus apps. They are now providing a free app lock app for data protection. It provides the three different options for its lock system that includes a password, pin, or pattern lock. Apart from it, there is a photoprotection app. You can also get recommendations from them about the different app’s protection. One of the most appealing features is that it immediately takes the photo when someone tries to unlock your phone. So, a solid app in your store. 

SpSoft App Lock

It is a decent option among all the apps in google play store. It has the features of the pattern, fingerprint unlocking, and password. Well, good news for all the finger scanners. Like all the app locks, it captures the picture of a person who tries to unlock your phone with the wrong password. We see the traditional 3 by 3 grid for the lock, but this app provides the 18 by 18 grid. You can also avail of the opportunity of fake error messages from the setting. It has the ability to depicts services in almost 18 languages. 

App Lock by Ivy Mobile

It is the other best app lock for Android users. It can lock any app on your phone. It also has the option to lock videos and photos. Most of the important feature of this app is the invisible pattern in case someone tries to look at your phone to get the pattern. If you are using the password, you can avail of the facility of a random keyboard. You can also hide the icon of this app. It also takes the picture of people who try to unlock apps with wrong passwords. So, a lot of perks in one place. 

Perfect AppLock

Perfect applock allows you to protect data by the usage of pin, password, and pattern. Users can enjoy the additional perks of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and internet data protection. The most important feature is the screen filter that helps you to manage the brightness of different apps. Sometimes we all face the issue of screen rotation and it is no doubt annoying. But, this app lets you lock the screen also to avoid this issue. It can also capture the photos of intruders in case of wrong password attempt. 

Apex Launcher

It is the best launcher that also helps you to have an app lock system. All the features of this app lock are amazing with a wide range of customization options. The security of this app locker is beyond imagination with the ability to hide apps and password protection. You can also avail the facility of icon pack support, hide elements like a dock or status bar. 

Applock by DoMobile Lab

It is of course an amazing app for data protection. This app can lock all the specific apps and lock up videos and images. Moreover, it can also provide uninstall protection and fingerprint support. It is useful to lock stuff like the Bluetooth locking, incoming calls lock, and many more. The best thing about this app is that it is free to download. This app is a strong one and provides a bunch of the most important functions free of cost. 

Smart Applock

A smart app lock aims to protect your privacy. It is one of the best app locks, that is compatible with Android phones. It keeps your phone secure by locking up the toggles, apps, call logs, photos, and settings. It is no doubt smart lock app for all the Android users that is free of cost. It provides the basic lock option in pattern and passwords. But, for Samsung users, it gives the additional fingerprint scanner option. 

AppLocker by BGNmobi

It is one of the decent app locks for android smartphone holders. It works the same way as the other app locks. But, it includes many special features. You can access your apps in different ways. You can avail of the fingerprint system, a password, or a pin. It doesn’t confuse the users with a lot of features. It is just a simple app lock and friendly for all age groups. You can download it free of cost from google play store. 

AppLock Fingerprint Password

It is another impressive app for android users in the market. It allows them to lock the apps by the use of a fingerprint sensor or a strong password. Apart from this, you can also use a pattern or a numeric pin for app protection. You can lock almost every app by using this app. It also helps you to hide the pictures and videos. This app is also free to use and may contain ads. 

AppLocker Privacy Guard and Security Lock

This is another best app to lock apps in the town. It helps you to secure your phone. You can use this app to lock almost every essential app like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and many others. It has also the option to catch any intruder and available on the google play store. It is also free of cost. 

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