Best Android Puzzle Games

Nowadays, we are living with corona. We are totally free from our working routine. We have nothing special to do. Our routine has been disturbed. And in this situation, we have to pass our time by using our smartphones. There are a lot of ways to spend our time. One of them is playing games by using your Android phones. Gaming can be a great way to pass the extra time. And our smartphones are uniquely suited for clever puzzle games. Puzzle games are perfect for our mental growth. These puzzle games are proved to be very helpful in the improvement of our mental ability.  You can play puzzle games for time killing enjoyment. If you want the best Android puzzle games to play in your free time, you must check this list of the best Android puzzle games. 

The Room Series

This puzzle game is one of the oldest puzzle games on smartphones. The room series franchise is one of the most successful puzzle game franchises on the Android phone. At this time of writing, there are four games in the series. The first two of them are classic puzzle games. You will figure out puzzles to progress. The third game of them in this series introduced multiple endings and a heavier narrative. Fireproof Games on Android phones develop this puzzle. This a widely celebrated puzzle franchise. Each of these four games in this Room Series offers hours of challenging puzzle fun. The latest game in this series is The Room: Old Sins. But the whole series is worth checking out if you are in love of good puzzles. These four games have similar elements, such as outstanding graphics, escape room elements, and many others. The inclusion of multiple endings gives some replay values. These games are usually fairly short. You will enjoy a lot playing this puzzle game. This game is available on Google Play Store. 

Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal is one of the games included in the Play Pass monthly subscription. This is a cross over puzzle game between Bridge Constructor and Portal. This puzzle game has Bridge Constructor mechanics primarily. Each level is made difficult and enjoyable with Portal mechanics. With a variety of strategies and parts, you build a bridge from one end of the level to the other end of the other end. This is a great physics-based puzzle game in its own right. This puzzle game provides a challenge that will delight fans of Bridge Constructor and Portal alike. The game is absolutely a delight to play with tons of Portal references. It consists of 60 levels and some extra stuff like Google Play Games achievements. This is free of cost game. You can play this game free for folks with Google Play Pass. It is another superb puzzle game. 


 This puzzle game Is one of the best puzzle games on this list of top Android puzzle games. It is absolutely the best option to play in your free time if you are really a puzzle game lover. It would help if you moved around the intricately designed hand-drawn panels to solve the puzzle at its core. It would help if you also ensured that the panel is focused on the right element in the illustration. If you want to do this, you can zoom in and zoom out. You can also drag to a different part of an illustration. The game is tiptoeing around this element that makes this game more challenging. Because you will need to find the right part of the image that needs to be on the screen of your Android phones, if you are really in love with puzzle games, you should probably try this puzzle game.   

Blue Wizard Digital

This game is developed on Google Play. Blur wizard digital has two excellent puzzle games for you to spend your free time. The first one of them is Slayaway Camp. You can play a serial killer in this game, and you avoid the cops while you kill people in this game. The second one is Friday the 13th. It consists of so many same ideas but over 100 levels of gory goodness. These two games are not for children and for all those people who are living with weak stomachs. These are made for outstanding horror puzzle games. The second game of Blue wizard digital, “Friday the 13th,” is free of cost for downloading with in-app purchases. But, this game is not a freemium game.  


This puzzle game is a fun and surprisingly cute number-based puzzle game. Here, your goal is to swipe around the grid and match like numbers. In this game, you have to be strategic because if you fill-up the board and run out of moves, the game is over. It is a simple puzzle game, but to become a master in this game, you have to spend many hours trying this game. It may be a little difficult for you to play it at the start. You have to pay if you want this complete game. If you want to save your money, there is a free-to-play version for you. Threes is a complete game full of entertainment and fun. If you are crazy about the puzzle game, you have to try this. 

Hello Neighbor 

It is another unique puzzle game on your Android phone. If your neighbor is doing some weird stuff, you can break into the house and check it out. You can do this again and again. Your neighbor setting up defenses after every breakdown and exit strategies. And you have to adjust all your strategies according to your neighbor. It also offers you some horror and thrilling elements. But this is expensive. This puzzle game is a good option with a unique premise. This was a viral PC game. But, nowadays it is available on mobiles.

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