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At this age, a phone is one of the basic needs of everyone. The breadth of options for the best Android phones can be overwhelming. There are a lot of choices for you to select the top class Android phone for you. In this competition of the best phones, the Android ecosystem is more competitive. Android has a ton to offer in the premium stakes-offering the cutting edge of smartphone features. Android phones help you to save a lot of cash. These phones provide you a similar user experience across many makes of phones. It gives all the features that matter the most for you. We have brought the list of the top class Android phones. All these phones are our top picks right now. The list consists of all the phones that have a long-lasting battery and an ultimate big screen. The list is given below.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

It is the best overall Android phone that you can buy right now. I think you do not have to look further for the best non-Apple phone on the market. It has an impressive look with its 6.7-inch screen. It offers you a blistering high 120Hz refresh rate. The color and detail which is offered by this display are practically unrivaled. This phone’s great feature that will impress you a lot is that it has a rare camera set-up. This rare camera set-up has a total of four rear sensors. This camera set-up provides a great level of versatility for your choice of shots. The battery life of this android phone is good when compared with all other phones presented to you on this list.  There is no doubt that this android phone can do it all.  This phone offers you to get the ability to zoom up to 5X while keeping an ultra-wide camera for more shooting variety. Another good feature of this phone is that it is 5G enabled. But there are also some bad things about this phone. Such as Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus provides you a slow fingerprint sensor. The worst thing is that this phone does not give you a headphone jack. It is much too expensive for 128GB of storage. Its camera zoom is much weaker than Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. 

OnePlus 8 Pro

This phone is well-designed and impressive as many other smartphones can be. The best display punctuates the hardware of this phone. OnePlus 8 Pro is bright, colorful, and has a 120Hz refresh rate.  Inside there are exceptional features, and that leads to a fantastic performance. Thanks to its super-smooth OxygenOS software, it is just a joy to use. If you wish for a big-screened Android device, this phone is easy to recommend. It has a glorious and extensive 6.78-inch display. This phone is a 5G phone, and inside this phone, there is a Snapdragon 865 chipset. It has 8 or 12 GB RAM, and its storage ranges from 128GB to 256GB. It can be charged quickly because it has a big 4150mAh battery. It can be charged either wired or wirelessly. OnePlus has finally added an IP68 rating for water resistance. On this phone, you’ll find four cameras on the back. Three of them are strong enough. It has a 48 MP sensor and an ultra-wide 48 MP sensor. An 8MP handles the ability to zoom with a 3X “hybrid zoom”. The pictures taken with this camera are solid in low light performance. The fourth sensor is a 5MP color filter camera that is pointless. The bad side of this phone contains many bad things. It is much more expensive than its previous edition was. Its telephoto camera is not so good. Some of its software and camera bugs are still present.

Google Pixel 4a

This Android phone is one of the most affordable. It is well-known due to its great camera. Google Pixel 4a is the best phone on our list of top android phones 2020. It is a remarkably complete smartphone. It consists of all features that you have never seen before at this price. It has a long-lasting battery that is better than many other Android phones on this list. It is the best Android phone because it is available at a low price. It is a phone with a decent build quality that sits in your hand more neatly than other phones of this modern age. The excellent thing about this phone is that it has a bright OLED display. Its display creates an amazing impression on its users. The most important and useful feature due to which it is known is its best-in-class camera. It supports a stunning camera that is great in low light. Its camera does a ton of image processing heavy lifting to create an image with a sensor that many camera setups struggle to achieve. The bad aspects of this Android phone are that its performance is not on flagship levels. This phone only comes in one size, color, and storage level. Google Pixel 4a promises you to give fast updates.

Oppo Find X2 Pro

This version of Oppo phones is the best Oppo phone yet. It has a super smooth AMOLED screen that is an excellent thing to impress all its users. This phone has a class-leading fast charging that gives you a long-lasting battery. But this phone does not give you the offer of wireless charging. This phone can be comfortably competing with the best Android phones of the year. Its 120Hz display keeps the refresh rate fast even when the resolution has been maxed out. This Android phone beats S20 Plus and iPhone 11 Pro when it is compared with them. The bad thing about this phone is that it is much more expensive than other phones on this list of the best Android phones of 2020.

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