Best Android Offline Adventure Games

In this busy world, everyone needs some fun, rest, and adventure. To be entertained, adventure is an awesome feeling which allows you to feel the adrenaline rushing through our body. It is one of the best experiences that offer you to feel pumped up. It is such an experience that takes a lot of strength, boldness, and risk. There are a lot of activities that you can do to feel the adventure and to entertain yourself, such as skydiving, traveling, or some other extreme sports. 

But, one of the best options for adventure is playing games. Because playing games is the best option or solution to feeling fresh after your boring routines, games may prove very helpful for relaxation after loads of work and study if you are a student. Those days have gone when people have to go out and find playgrounds for playing games. You do not have to buy a board game to play and entertain yourself in this modern age. 

With the ever-growing trend of smartphones, people are more inclined to play games on smartphones. The constant development of smartphones has made it possible for top game developers to hit the Google Play Store with their best lot. Adventure games help you improve your mental skills, multitasking skills, make faster decisions, and boost concentration. Therefore, to feel a super adrenaline rush, I have brought a list of the best offline adventure games specially designed for all Android devices.

Sky Dancer Run- Running Game

Sky dancer run is one of the best Android offline adventure games that allows you to do full adventure without going out of the home. This game provides you the experience of having an amazing journey. This game comes with dangerous gameplay and visualizations. Different weather conditions are provided to you. To become a successful player, you have to jump across edge-cracking cliffs. 

While jumping across these cliffs, you have to face many other obstacles too. You have to run and jump across many hazardous cliffs from one flying island to another in this game. But, you have to avoid large boulders. By playing this running game, you will feel yourself like a bird as you run through the skies and land very gracefully, trying to beat the endless abyss. You have to take a deep breath, then concentrate on the game and feel the adrenaline pumping as you do that exhilarating jump. 

You might feel frightening and surreal at the start of this game, but soon you will find free fall soothing and relaxing. While jumping all these cliffs, you should be very careful. You have to make sure that you do not fall. Make sure not to forget to collect coins to unlock many other special characters and rewards. To play this game, you can download this game from Google Play Store. 

Bomb Strike

This game is another one of the top class adventure games that you can play without the internet tension that is designed for all Android users. This game describes when Kings and Kingdoms have to fight with various monsters and armies of enemies. These Kings had to fight for survival and the power of the kingdoms. 

The war that was fought for their kingdoms’ survival was very tough in those days because of the lack of the latest war weapons. You have to fight a lot of different types of monsters and swipe them by bomb strikes. They had to fight with swords and assassin soldiers.  This action-adventure game has an amazing storyline and graphics. At first, in this game, the empire built a great wall around its fort, and then they announced the war against all monsters and enemies. The game has smooth control and offers you to fight an exciting battle. 

It offers you to experience the console game shooter fun. The game also provides you with an exciting war sound that pumps you to play this game. In this game, each enemy is unique because it gives you a flexible artificial intelligence behavior. The game provides you with a thrilling, action-packed survival game with a sniper mission. If you really want to enjoy this game, you should visit Google Play Store.

Ninja Arashi

Ninja Arashi is a free adventure game for Android users to play offline. It offers you intense gameplay and a dark theme. This game tells us about Arashi, an x-ninja warrior fighting the corrupt world to save his son from Antagonist Orochi. In the game, you have to play as Arashi, and he is a former legendary ninja who fought for his kidnapped son from the devil. Arashi is ready to face menacing traps that have sworn to protect Orochi. 

He is ready with superior acrobatic and deadly weapons. With all these qualities, you have to knock down all your enemies to save the son. This game features simple but addicting gameplay. It gives you thrilling moments and an unexpected experience. Your abilities can be upgraded by using gold and diamonds that you have got from your enemies and the environment to keep track of the game’s difficulty. 

You can lay waste on enemies through different traps trying to stop you and increase the danger for your son. The game offers you 3 different maps with 45 levels to play for you. It also provides easy control of your movements. It also helps you to discover the beauty of graphics of high quality. If you are addicted to this game, you can download this game from Google Play Store.

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