Best Android Offline Action Games

We all have different preferences when it comes to gaming. For Android users, there’s a variety of games to choose from. The beauty of action games is the thrill that comes out of it. Your adrenaline is trickled, and you start to feel like the protagonist in the game. When playing against your friend or an online rival, it feels exciting to beat them again and again. But, to get to such an extent of excitement, you must select your game right. 2020 has great action games you can play offline. Here’s a list of top android offline action games 2020.


This game has one amazing plot. Zombies are the antagonists, and you have to deal with them. The rule of the game is simple, either you finish your enemy, or they finish you. It is quite a challenge, but doable.

The background is also appealing. Your fights will take place in the city, in the wilderness, and in all sorts of places. Even as the battlefields change, you must keep fighting to stay alive. You’ll play at different levels, and it becomes more challenging as you advance. Besides, there is a multiplayer option if you want to prove who can beat the rest amongst your friends. The best part is the fact that you can play this game offline. 

 Critical Ops

This is a great offline game touted as one of the best. You’ll love the action as well as the fact that you can play this game without Wi-Fi. To get the game, go to Google Play Store. You’ll download the game for free and get it installed within minutes. It is ‘plug and plays’, meaning there are no major configurations required before you start enjoying the action.

Critical Ops has two modes, depending on what you want to achieve. The two modes are the Deathmatch mode and the Defuse mode. Both modes are competitive but with different modes. The question of which model is better relies on your preference. It is you to choose which mode you prefer. Generally, both modes are as good as each other and entertaining too.

What most people do is play both interchangeably. Playing the same mode over and over again can be boring sometimes. Changing the modes once in a while makes it fun and breaks the monotony. It also allows you to stay sharp and competitive.

The Deathmatch mode gives you a time limit to complete the highest number of kills you can. The game is so good it ranks in most lists of top android offline action games.

The other mode is the Defuse mode. In this mode, you have to fight terrorists who are out to finish people with bombs. It is a thrill you do not want to miss.

Space Grunts

Go to Play Store and download this game. You’ll love all the encounters you come across. The plot of this game is quite interesting. First of all, you’ll be part of the space grunts team. Some constructions are happening in space. As the space grunts, your task is to investigate details of the same. You’ll have to get to space to do the same.

The challenge is in getting there. In between earth and space, you’ll face a myriad of challenges. You’ll have to fight hard to stay alive. Remember, you’ll be facing all sorts of creations, including aliens and other space occupants. It is an interesting plot, and you’ll surely love it. The game is free and playable online. All you have to do is download the game and start playing.

Sky force

The name of the game already sends chills down my spine. If you are an action addict like I am, you already know this will be a thrilling experience. This is one of the few games that have used the latest modes of technology to improvise the game’s feel and look. The graphics are top-notch, and you’ll surely love it. Other than the feel-good factor, the game itself is enjoyable and memorable. It involves shooting, and this shapes your accuracy abilities.

SoulCraft – Action RPG

We always want games that make us feel like it is a real-life action. One way to create this feeling is by allowing the player to do a human activity like purchase ammunition, lead battle teams, coordinate fights, have personal lives in the games, and so much more. Since most of us have not stepped on battlefields, the only experience we’ve had with war is through watching movies.

Therefore, by having a feel of what we watch in movies, we get excited. In this game, you have the power to buy ammunition and replenish your stock. That allows you to fight without fear as you can always get more if you run out of the one at hand.

With a 4.2 rating out of 5, you can be certain to get a fine gaming experience with this action game. The game is highly rated because of several things, including the ease of play. A game can be good but hard for newbies to understand the plot. It is not the case with this. The game is easy to understand, and the plot easy to follow through. It is also playable offline, and that adds flavor to the already tasty game.



Gaming today has gone to another level. While online games have their own advantages, offline games too have their own gains. Playing offline saves you from cons like having to skip ads endlessly in the course of the game. When playing a game, you want to focus and put all your attention on the game. Ads and other distractions can even make you lose a game as they come unannounced. This list has all the action games you want. They are playable offline and are free to get.       

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