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Music is a worldwide phenomenon. Everyone listens to music at one point or the other. Music is an exquisite existence; it is love, and it can heal any wound. A song can lift your spirits on a bad day and can fuel your raging emotions. Today, music is incorporated into every aspect of our lives. A huge reason for this spread is accessibility. Over the centuries, music has gone from only being available to upper-level students in specific shows to a daily retreat for billions of people. With mobile app technology, music has come one step closer to our fingertips.

Songs come in all forms, but the most widely appreciated form is voiced music. Listening to a talented singer’s voice or listening to words that penetrate your soul are all reasons why music is so widespread today. There are times when we listen to a song and love it but can’t understand what the artist is saying. When singing a song to ourselves, we often only know a few words, and we mumble the rest of the way. 

Luckily with the right mobile app, you can be rid of mumbling. Now, you can know the artist’s exact words, and you’ll be able to sing along. Knowing the actual lyrics of the song lets you understand exactly what the artist is trying to say. With the apps’ help in this article, you can turn your phone into a mobile hub for some lyrics. You can even use some of the apps here to learn the lyrics and names of songs from your favorite movie or TV show.

This list contains a wide range of various lyrics apps for android devices. I hope you find one that works well for you.


You’ve probably heard of this one because it’s so popular. With Shazam, you can identify the lyrics and name of music on the go, Add said music to the Spotify playlist, and save the lyrics for offline viewing. Shazam also offers one-tap access to favorite tracks, song lyrics, video clips, and streaming services, which can be added to the music list and even bought.

Lyrics Mania

This app is a perfect music lyrics finder as it lets you find lyrics for songs whose name you don’t know. Simply playing a song on your TV or another device when this app is active kicks off automatic lyrics grabbing and fast  Music ID recognition. Lyrics Mania has a vast database for lyrics and has virtually every song in its database. With support for real-time music recognition, this Android Lyrics app has everything you need.

Genius Lyrics

This is the official app for the website of the same name. Genius lyrics is a big name in the music industry as it hosts interviews with some of the biggest artists in music. The Genius Lyrics app has a vast lyrics database of new, old, and contemporary music. With a library of over a million songs and verified content from several artists and producers, the Genius Lyrics app gets the job done.


This music lyrics app is similar to Shazam and is also very good in its own right. You can use Musixmatch to search for lyrics from the app’s huge database of songs. Musixmatch can be synched up with other music apps like Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, and more. With musixmatch you can even translate the lyrics of a song into your native language. This unique feature breaks the language barrier in music and lets you experience sounds from around the globe.

Instant Lyrics

This app has all the basic features of a music app but what sets it aside is that Instant lyrics can scan your entire library of songs and fetch the lyrics for all of them. Once it fetches these lyrics, you can view them at any time, even when you’re offline. Instant Lyrics gives you synchronized lyrics and a floating lyrics feature for multitasking.

QuickLyric – Instant Lyrics

Some apps are a messy jumble of features, but this one is simple and focuses all its resources to fine-tune its primary function- Finding lyrics. This app is the perfect blend of simplicity and high-end functionality. It doesn’t have a huge array of features, but it finds lyrics easier and faster than any other apps.

Lyrics Library

Lyrics Library does exactly what its name suggests; it is a one-stop destination for all the music lovers to search and grab the lyrics of the tracks they wish. It has a lyrics download option that can come in handy on long trips. 


This is a fun app that can be used for Karaoke nights as a replacement for Karaoke machines. With this app, you can play various songs while showing their lyrics on screen. The app lets you and your friends have fun singing the words of your favorite songs.

SoundHound – Music Discovery & Lyrics

SondHound is another great android lyrics app. It lets you find songs and their lyrics accordingly. This app has over a million songs from tons of genres for your consumption. Songs on this app are updated regularly, so you can expect the wrong lyrics to be fixed in no time.

Musixmatch – Lyrics for your music

As its name implies, this app is a music player that can also find the lyrics for your songs. This app lets you listen, search, and also displays the lyrics of your favorite songs.

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