Best Android apps for Civil Engineers

As our smartphones become more and more powerful, they also become more vital to our daily activities. Today, even professionals in various fields require their phones to be able to function properly. Accountants use theirs to make notes and to calculate high figures, lawyers use them to study cases and set reminders, and even fashion designers can use theirs to take and record various measurements. It’s an undisputed fact that our smartphones have become an extension of our ability.

Today, the focus is on civil engineers. These hard-working engineers face various tasks along the lines of work; calculating special figures, looking at drawing plans, and keeping notes of modern standards are all things that civil engineers have to tackle on the job. Luckily, several Android apps can reduce your workload and make your work easier. With these apps, every civil engineer will have an easier time at work.

AutoCAD – DWG Viewer & Editor

This list would be grossly incomplete without this app. AutoCAD is the mobile version of the computer program with the same name. As a civil engineer on site, you might not always have access to the building drawings. If a need to inspect dimensions arises, you might need to refer back to the plans. Luckily, with this powerful mobile app, you can do that seamlessly.

AutoCAD 360 is a mobile application that is capable of viewing CAD Drawings (.dwg). With easy to use drawing and drafting tools, this app lets you view, create, edit, and share AutoCAD drawings across the web and mobile phone anytime, anywhere. The app is limited by Android processing power, but it does have all the basic features. You can view all aspects of your DWG file, including external references, layers, and image underlays. 

Civil Engineering Dictionary Offline

Most civil engineers often scramble through their library of large books before important site meetings. This is sometimes really tedious for the average person. With this app, however, you can ditch all those dictionary sized books. Professionals in the field design civil engineering dictionary, and as such, it contains all the lingo expected of a civil engineering dictionary. This app contains over 10,000 words and their definitions, along with reference images. By simply typing a word into the search bar, you get exact definitions and references. This app defines technical words in the most basic manner possible.

Civil Sutra

Civil Sutra is an android calculator app designed for civil engineers, site engineers, site supervisors, contractors, and Architects to provide vital and helpful information. This app lets you calculate the values of different technical figures such as; Quantity of concrete, Bricks quantity, Paint quantity, Mortar calculation for plaster, Unit Conversion Etc. You could never go wrong having this handy calculator on you when on site.

Civil Engineering MCQs

This Civil Engineering App is a simple learning program that contains key learning points from the field of study. It can jog your memory before serious projects with Interview series Q&A. It brings faster learning and quick revisions of technical civil engineering topics.

Civil Engineering Basics

Civil Engineering Basics is a concise collection of Various Important Civil Engineering Concepts. It’s a useful app for both civil engineering students and civil professionals as it covers 300+ Civil Engineer related topics. With this app, students can learn faster, and professionals can review old concepts.

Engineering Codes and Standards

As the name suggests, this app is a full guide to multiple engineering Codes and Standards that are used in mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Piping Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. With this app, you can find the necessary codes and industry standards for your projects.

Beam design

This app uses the Finite Element Method (FEM) as it is designed to be used by civil engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, and students to design 1-dimensional hyperstatic frames. This is certainly a must-have for anyone in this field. It also lets you input and edit geometry, forces, supports, load cases, etc. It boasts super fast calculation speeds even on low-end devices

Frame Design

Another Finite Element Method (FEM) app from the same Beam design developers, Frame Design, lets you create 2D static frames using Finite Elements Analysis (FEA). This app is recommended for civil engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, and students. 

My Civil CalC

This is another civil engineering calculator app that is similar to Sutra. It works as unit conversion and calculator and is a welcome alternative to manual calculations; who wants to calculate area, volume, the cube to meter feet, inch to mm with a paper and pen? It also has its own unique feature of assigning measurement units feet-inch/ M/mm with a calculator to the input numbers and getting the desired result along with the unit. With this feature, you can create your own video to be converted at later dates. Civil engineers should do their best to get their hands on this baby.

Build A Bridge

I’m finishing up this list with a technical game. Build a bridge is a fun game that tests Engineering and improvisation skills in a puzzle where the stakes are as high as they get. The game has a simple 2d interface where you can choose materials to construct various types of bridges. You have to consider many engineering factors to make the most resilient structure you can. After construction, switch the game to the 3D mode and see how well your bridge holds up when a car drives through it.

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