Austin Evans

On August 22, 1992, in America, California, an ingenious baby boy, Austin Evans, was born. Like any other parent in America, Austine’s mum took Austine to a school to experience the beauty and the joy of learning together with his peers. However, Austine had a small stature that made him a victim of bullies in school. To protect her son, his mother decided to put him on homeschooling. The decision to homeschool her child was brought about by an incidence of bullying that made her mother feel enough is enough. In the incident, Austine’s bullies pulled him down from a jungle gym. This then marked his journey to what he is today. With academic flexibility that comes with homeschooling, Austin was able to put some extra time and effort into his passion and interest. 

At an early age, he spent his free time playing Pokémon – a role-playing video game with an element of strategy. Pokémon is considered as good for digital characters. Austine had an interest in writing and he would use his time in writing as well as playing computer games on his parent’s computer. His active presence and use of a computer at an early age has played a major role in shaping his career and his current job as an influencer in social media platforms. To spice things up, his interest in technology, and the urge to share his knowledge with the world has made him the social media influencer he is today.

The invention of the internet brought people in the whole world together. With his dream of becoming an author, he could now share his work with everyone in the world. Computers having disrupted all industries over the years as there is always a new technology to fit people’s was different needs. Austine started reviewing products on manufacturers’ websites until he was advised by a friend to videos on reviews. 

Product review is a very critical feature that users consider when they want to buy a new product. Customer experience can go a long way in promoting a product in the market. People like to know what they are getting themselves into when it comes to new products on the market. People fear trying out new products and tend to stick to their old brands. However, a good review from a customer or another user goes a long way in building the confidence of new users. When it comes to technology, a video on the YouTube channel or a post in social media contributes enormously to boosting customer confidence. Austine being a techie has seized the opportunity by providing information, the users need to know when new technologies are being introduced in the market. 


YouTube Channel

With a mind of a Techie, Evans started his social media influencing career as a tech reviewer in 2009. His reviews are majorly gadgets reviews ranging from smartphones, laptops, headphones cameras to gaming PCs. Austin Evans utilizes the different social media platforms to get his message to the world. His self-titled YouTube channel is his biggest asset; where he shares videos on the reviews. The reviews may include but not limited to: 

  1. Gaming hacks
  2. A new gadget is worth investing in
  3. Reviling coolest of retro and cutting edge tech
  4. Testing the latest smartphone, laptops, and cameras
  5. How to build technologies
  6. How to use gargets
  7. Pros and cons of certain gargets
  8. The best gadgets in the market, gadgets worth spending on
  9. Garget features
  10. His experience using different gadgets
  11. How much you need to spend on particular products
  12. Comparison of different gargets
  13. Updates on particular gargets
  14. Monthly gaming PC builds
  15. Upcoming or popular tech


As the time of writing this article, June 9, 2020, Austine Evans YouTube Channel had 1661 videos with 4.37 million viewers with his latest videos having at least 500,000 views with others 2 million in just two to three weeks.


Net worth

The Internet has become one of the major revenue generator avenues. Internet-based income generation avenues range from digital marketing, affiliate marketing, digital product selling, list building, content creation, Adsense publishing network, and others. It is such a successful internet-based income generating avenue that has seen Austine get to an estimated net worth of between $1- $5 million. The YouTube channel is his primary and major source of income. However, he also makes extra income through brand deals.

YouTube can earn you a massive income with their different strategies of paying the publishers. Google pays 68% of the AdSense revenue to their publishers. Given that the advertisers pay an average of $0.18 per view, Austin large numbers of view earns him a huge amount of revenue.



Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships, this is a quote by Michael Jordan that emphasizes the importance of teamwork. Teamwork is an important attribute behind the success of many organizations. Austine has a passion and a talent in technology but his success is a result of the teamwork and effort they put together with his colleagues. He works with a team of professionals who have helped him make the major milestone he has made on his Youtube channel. His crew includes himself as the presenter, production & Ops Lead, his producer Kenneth Bolido, his editors, Matt Ansini, Jimmy Champane, and Josh Blackey, his production & color specialist, Wesley Knapp. This team works together to deliver quality content that is relevant to the audience that has attracted a large number of followers.


Other social media platforms

Austine has also gone full blow on other social media platforms. His online presence is incredible and he also promotes his YouTube videos in some of these social media platforms. On his Facebook account, Austin has 114,896 followers. His Instagram page has 488k followers under the username austinnotduncan. He has 570.2K followers on twitter. We also have a following on Twitch TV where he also shares his content with the world.



New technologies continue being developed every day. In the digital era, everything is moving to the internet. The Internet has connected the world and information is at the disposal of everyone who cares to look for it. Being skeptical about earning on the internet is now outdated. Austin being a major influencer in the YouTube channel is a key indicator that online presence can earn you a lot of cash. YouTube being his main source of income and being able to employ a team of five people says a lot about using the internet as a source of income. His consistency in posting the videos is also commendable giving essence to the saying that success is 99% showing up. Sharing what we know on the internet can work miracles both for you and your target audience. It is time to embrace technology and learn from those who have made it. 

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